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September 25, 2001, 14:53
Hey all. Been lurking for quite awhile. Been busy building poodleshooters ya know! Well, the AR bug has passed and I have one STG58 on the rack that I assembled about a year ago on an Imbel receiver from AIM and a kit from US Armory. I have not shot this rifle as I did not have to proper tools to headspace. Well now the FAL bug has bitten again, so I have made the plunge.

I have ordered:
.252 to .270 in .002 incriment pins from MSC
Clymer GO and NO GO gauges from Brownells
Uncle gave me a 8" BFM Wilton vise.

All I need now is a receiver wrench to make life easy.

I assembled the STG using a BMF Cresant wrench and a little Chinese vise! :eek: I got lucky with that one, me thinks.

So the plan is to headspace that puppy and get her running.

Now I have a G1 Kit from Tapco on my bench. I was surprised that the front end was in very nice shape, not really needing a refinish. The rest will be refinished. I have Parkerizing juice on the way. :cool: I am having a local Fab shop make me a stainless pan to fit on my 2 burner Coleman.

So, thats where I am at, I just have to stay away from AR's, 1911's and my major problem of Chevy musclecars.... :D

Just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks for all the great info!

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September 25, 2001, 15:47
Don't forsake all your other fine projects, just make sure your FAL's come first. ;)

What are your car projects? I have a '66 SS396 Chevelle and my son (13 yrs old) and I are starting to build his (mine) '69 Nova. You know, a father/son thing.

September 25, 2001, 17:40
Hehe, Novas rule! Well, I just finished a street car '72 Nova with a 350/350. It started out as a 32000 mile 6 Cyl. My big project is a '69 Nova, again was a 6 banger, that is getting tubbed and a 509 inch Big Block. My dad also has a '68 Camaro in the stable.

September 25, 2001, 17:44
Originally posted by comp1911:
<STRONG>My big project is a '69 Nova, again was a 6 banger, that is getting tubbed and a 509 inch Big Block.</STRONG>

That was the plan for my '69 Nova also, but my boy wanted it to be HIS first car. Who am I to argue with that. At least he wants true American muscle, not some Japenese import.

September 25, 2001, 19:38
Originally posted by comp1911:
[QB]...So, thats where I am at...

What! No Dremel???

September 25, 2001, 21:12
Originally posted by gary.jeter:

What! No Dremel???</STRONG>

:D How about a whole drawer full of air tools. Including a die grinder. Kind of a Dremel on nitrous oxide. :p

September 26, 2001, 02:02
180psi on an air die grinder is a blast, sometimes literaly.. :D

Speaking of cars, took the 74 stingray for a spin after all the brake and suspension wory yesterday, polyurathane is a wonderfull thing...

September 26, 2001, 07:07
Oh yes, both all our cars are sporting Energy poly bushings.