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September 24, 2001, 23:28
Just finished the cleanup of the Century "L1A1" Angry Beavers "Inch" Franken FAL that I picked up from one of the locals who just gave UP on it.
It now feeds and shoots well but the cheezy 3 hole brake is positively ear-splitting as well as a cheek slaper, what pure junk....

On my previous FAL kit builds (Metric) I installed and enjoy using the Enterprise made brake, I have orderd one to use on his Inch gun.
I am hoping to change out the Cheezy brake for the Enterprise one.
Has any one removed the CAI installed "noise maker" (Yes I know that I need to use HEAT) and how well did the cleanup go.
I have never played with REMOVING a silver soldered brakes just puting it on...

The only other option that I see is to WECSOG it of and crown it ... as the "noise" is turning me into range orphan.

Radom 11
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September 25, 2001, 11:09
Are you sure it is silver soldered, and not blind-pinned or tack-welded?

If it is silver soldered, you just gotta heat it up (use MAPP), and screw it off. If it is blind-pinned or tack-welded, you gotta break-out the Dremel (or the hacksaw).

I don't think there is any such thing as a "quiet" brake. You might get rid of the Century thingy. But, don't expect to get rid of the noise. The "quietest" brake is no brake.

As to the issue of "cheek slap," what kind of stock do you have? Humpback pattern stocks seem to be kinder to the zygomatic arch on most folk. Century's non-humpback stocks are notorious cheek-slappers. But, keep it in case you ever mount a scope. The added comb-height will give you better head position with optics.

September 25, 2001, 11:57
The CAI L1A1 I saw at the last gun show appeared to be welded on. Even I could have done a better job than the angry beavers.

September 25, 2001, 16:52
Wow, I feel humbled I hit the "big time", input from the Chief WECSOG himself!

Gary if I burn the Chicken Mitt while removing the "Thingie" do I get extra credit for the WECSOG diploma or do I have to have a blister?

Had a close look at the area involved (used BIG "cheaters") and its quite clean in comparison to the standard angry beavers tack-welded as seen on the CETME clones.
I did notice a bit of what looks like flux residue at the joint of the brake and the barrel thus my assumption of Silver soldered, so far I have not striped the Park that is on it to check for the blind-pinned but knowing the CAI Cheap SKates they used the least cost method and blind pinning takes some skill.

BTW if I HEAT it up and it comes off will the silver solder come off the threads ?

You Oh Great WECSOG as always have hit it on the head…absolutely correct no brake is quiet but this abomination in comparison to my Argi with a Enterprise brake screams like a banshee and the Enterprise on actually works as a compensator.
Yes after I changed out the stock from the CAI cheesy clone and the slap is gone looks like the hollow thin skin stock was acting as a resonator and causing the slap.

Come on we know that you are lurking Angry Beavers, New young sapling branches as a reward.
… Spill the beans on the secret of the L1A1 "Muzzle Brake" attachment method?

:D Radom 11
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September 26, 2001, 04:52
If you heat it up enough to unscrew the brake, the remaining solder should only be a wire-brush-away from coming off. Make sure you have the brush handy when heating up the brake.

So are you saying the Century brake is loud compared to others? I've got a Century - it does a great job of keeping the muzzle in check, but it IS the loudest gun I own (I compare it to an un'broken' FN49 in 30-06 I used to have).
If there is, indeed, a brake out there that quiets this beast down, which would you suggest?