View Full Version : Good source for beeswax for BLO/Turpentine/Wax wood finish!

September 24, 2001, 19:02
Michaels ("the arts and crafts store" www.michaels.com) (http://www.michaels.com)) --
regular price is $12.99 for a pound, bought it tonight for 40% off, some special or something, I didn't complain...

The stuff's located where the candle-making material is, regular parafin is something like $3.50 per pound, so it's tough to mistake one for the other.

And NO, I'm not a wuss to be in a crafts store! :rolleyes:


PS. NOT Michael's of Oregon!

September 24, 2001, 19:23
Or go to your local honey grower and ask them if you can have some. :D

September 24, 2001, 20:51
Don't worry MG I frequent lots of craft stores in my never ending search for a secret material that will give me an upper hand against my nemisis, the rainbow trout. ;)

September 24, 2001, 21:34
FALs, agriculture, AND flyfishing...we have a lot in common...though I practice the first and the last, the middle one is a passion of mine ever since I was young.

I have a bunch materials, vise, books, bobbins and all that good stuff...I never got around to tying my first one, though, still use the bought variety...we have some mean brownies in Western MD...state record was caught August of this year -- 18 pounds 3 ounces (33-inch), I'm looking at the picture now...unbelievable!