View Full Version : Cutting a barrel--how long?

March 25, 2002, 21:33
OK, a dumb one. I want to build a Carbine. I have an old barrel and can cut it and thread it and silver solder the finished product. No problem. My question is--Minimum OAL?? I think it is 16" or is it 16 1/2"? And, is that dimension include the silver soldered muzzlebreak (finished length?)? I know about opening the gas hole, but am a little confused as to the length I gotta cut to. Thanks!

March 25, 2002, 21:42
IIRC, 16 inches OAL from boltface to end of finished product. that includes permanant muzzle devices. I would cut it to 16 1/2 just in case you get stopped and the LEO doesnt know how to measure.

March 26, 2002, 08:04