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March 25, 2002, 11:25
Yes I thought about doing a search under "parkerizing," but you know how many hits that would turn up.

I only have one part to parkerize, the coupler for an Israeli HB Bipod. Since this in my first attempt, I was thinking of just sandblasting it and doing the parkerizing in an old stainless steel pan using a campstove for a heat source.

Is this reasonable, or am I missing something?

Derby FALs
March 25, 2002, 11:35
I usually heat the solution in the microwave for something like that. It's used solution though. If you have a blaster you could try that first. Might take a couple of times to get the solution seasoned.

March 25, 2002, 11:51
Yes, this will work fine...I use a Coleman stove for heat source.

March 25, 2002, 13:22
Thanks. That kind of fast response from people who've "done it" is what makes this board so great. :D

March 25, 2002, 16:17
I'm looking into doing my own parkerizing myself. I have access to a sandblasting cabinet already. As far as chemicals, how do the parking kits from Shooter Solutions compare to the super-high-dollar kits from Brownell's?

Exactly what equipment do I *really* need? What kind of container do I need if I want to park long parts like barrels? What about stoppers for barrels? Do I *really* need an immersion heating coil or can I get away with coleman stoves?

Are there any detailed parking HOWTOs on the net or books out there? amazon.com has nothing on the subject.

Many thanks for any and all help you can provide.


Hermit River
March 25, 2002, 17:24
Originally posted by asig220:

I only have one part to parkerize, the coupler for an Israeli HB Bipod. Since this in my first attempt, Is this reasonable, or am I missing something?</STRONG>

ASIG,, It will cost you more for the solution alone than if you asked someone to park it for a real small fee, probably a faler lives right up the street from you. Not to mention storing or disposing of the solution, your labor etc. Unless of course you really want to try this then like the others said go for it. ;) Hermit

March 25, 2002, 18:26

Here's a little info for you.


Kitchen stove Parkerizing (http://www.jouster.com/articles30m1/parkerizing.html)

Tech Tips (http://www.isd.net/cbiker/tech.html)

Gunplumber's Notes (http://www.arizonaresponsesystems.com/notes/pageparkerize.htm) Must Read!

More notes (http://www.gunpartsandmilitaria.com/phosphating.html)

Parkerizing book (http://www.butokukai.com/product148.html)

FAL Files Parkerizing FAQ (http://www.falfiles.com/cgi-bin/forums/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=10&t=000319)

Tanks and accessories (mine) (http://www.doubleought.com/parkerizingtanks.html)

March 25, 2002, 19:07
Just got one of Doubleought's stainless tanks, thermometer and parts basket and they are every bit as good as my Brownell's tanks for 60% less. If you plan on doing more of this, give Doubleought a ring!

March 25, 2002, 22:44

I will park that part for free for you. I use Doubleought equip, rinse tanks, and a good blaster. E-mail me and I'll give you an address to send it. I usually fire up the tanks on a weekly basis, I'll just throw your parts in with another batch.


March 25, 2002, 23:11
I also use one of doubleought's tanks and just love it! :D