View Full Version : Reassembling handle

March 24, 2002, 18:53
I got the handle on my STG-58 parked. It was returned with the metal parked and the plastic handle not attached. I can’t seem to get the little C clips off the metal? Can anyone give me a tip on taking them off and putting them back on the metal part of the handle.



March 24, 2002, 23:23
I haven't tried to pull one off without the handle attatched, if it was I rest the edge of the handle on the vice jaws and tap the end of the handle rod. This may work for you, clost the vice jaws so the clip will rest on them without gripping the rod, a couple gentle tapps should get it to pop off. Just be careful, those things can get away from you easily. To reinstall I clamp the handle rod in the vice (padded with a rag) and use a fired .223 case as a punch to tap the clip back over the rod.