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Hermit River
March 23, 2002, 19:57
I have been searching and reading for 2 mo now, I don't ask many questions but would appreciate some help and info.
I have been collecting parts and tools for 2 imbel/imbel for 2 months now. I been patient wanting a park finish before assy but now my truck transfer case went. I am still minus the compressor and need to wait longer now so figured hell, I'll stick one together, shoot it then dissassemble and put a finish on when I can.

I believe you should only have to use the SMALLEST diameter LS on a new build not 2,3 or 4 sizes up and asked GP for a LS for a "new build" which he sent. The LS drops all the way in, turn it over drops out. Hmmmmmm other reciever? Same. That was a .294 dia shank. I grabbed another LS I had here with a .2965 dia shank and it also slides right in by hand but doesn't just drop out by itself. However this one even though it is oversize dia will work on the other reciever, (both have the same headspace). grabbed a .263 with a .2975 shank dia by mistake thinking it was a .2565 and drove it in no prob with a small ballpien. That was a good thing because it reminded me to pay better attention and clean my bench but more so let me know a fat shank will work once it is the right headspace.
I think there are 4 different dia shanks but don't know the numbers. These are both brand new imbel non gear logos? Ideas? Has anyone else had this prob? Is there a FAQ with the LS shank dia sizes someplace? Not only are both of these new recievers "out of spec?" they are not even the same hole dias between them. I thought these imbels were supposed to be the cats nads. Timing? imbel to imbel hand tight to 10 o clock on both, yup took some shaving. Hermit

March 23, 2002, 23:21
buy DSA next time. just my 2 cents. maybe you have inch receivers? LS sizes are numbered 0 1 2 3 i believe. 0=.294 1=?.295 2=?.296 3=?.297 just using sizes given by you in your post as guide. are they gear logo IMBELS or dealer warehouse IMBELS? try e-mail to gunplumber he would know for sure, what you have. HTH

Hermit River
March 24, 2002, 07:46
HD,, These are non gear logo Imbels, sn#'s about 20 apart got them from FAC 2 mo's ago. They have the "D" cut in the mag for a metric, 2001 stamped in there. I understand they were imported by Century but imbel made.
Thank you for the sizes and GP has mail. Yes your numbers work with my readings and I have 3 of those 4 shank sizes(missing the second but it would fall out too) On the one reciever it will only work with a #3 (Fattest) and the other will work with a #2 then. That is real sad specs for brand new recievers. They should take a 0 or a 1 at the least. GP sent me a 0 just like he should have and the reciever should have been.
DSA huh? I only heard 1 person post bad about imbels gear or not. Maybe this isn't "bad" to be out of spec but common? Long as the biggest dia LS stays in there guess it will never need to be rebuilt. Hermit

March 24, 2002, 17:45
maybe century had them made oversize, so that they would be only ones to supply the parts. maybe F A C will take them back? imbels are supposed to be very good receivers. i have built 2 with DSA type 1's and brother built 1 on DSA type 1 no muss no fuss no looking for different LS's the ones that came in kit gave headspaces of 1@ 1.632 and 2@1.634 barrels hand tightened to 11 0'clock without shaving the barrel, etc.

March 24, 2002, 18:22
I used one of the CIA marked Imbels with no problems. However, my first two Imbels (now about 2 years ago when they were much more expensive) had the opposite problem. The LS holes were undersized. Additionally, the breach end was thicker and I had to take off about 0.007" from the barrel to get them to time correctly. They both went back and were replaced. The replacement models were fine, other than I had to put a 0.004" barrel shim between the barrel and the receiver. So the Imbel is not the all perfect receiver that many report it to be. But, with respect to other similarily priced receivers it stands heads above.


Hermit River
March 25, 2002, 07:42
Thanks Fred and Hd. haha good one about century. I will try a DSA next, possibly a gear logo imbel also to see if there is better quality control. I can see what is wrong with the one reciever, looks like the LS hole was drilled with a broken bit. I will post a pic in reviews and give an honest heads up on these things. They are both barreled after lots of shaving, 1 is built except a lS. Send them back and I'll be using spacers too, guess I'll get an oversize LS. Hermit