View Full Version : Completed my G1; need headspace advise.

March 23, 2002, 17:20
I finally completed my G1 bought from FAC on an Imbel R1A1 receiver from Wholesale Guns & Ammo. I just finished headspacing it and now I need your help. Largest pin gauge that will close on GO is .264. What size locking shoulder should I use if I want it to take most any surplus ammo? By the way, I have no digital camera so I can't post pictures. I used Tapco plastick butt stock, pistol grip and hand guards. For now the rifle has not been refinished but cold blued with Oxpho Blue. It looks nice as it is. I also have Tapco's AK 74 type muzzle device and their aluminum Cocking Handle and ST gas piston. Also installed FSE hammer, trigger and sear. Now I just need the correct locking shoulder and I'm ready to give it a range test. Thanks for looking.

March 23, 2002, 18:27
You didn't say which go gauge you used, so I'll assume a 1.630" .

As I understand, and install it, 7.62 in a FAL should end up around 1,632-1.635, to get it to work w/most all mil-surp ammo. If yours is just closing on a .264, go w/a .263 for a "final" (w/some setback from break-in), to end up at 1.632 +/-. Mine run well at 1.632-1.635.
A 1.640 (.308 no-go) is actually a reasonable "max" for a working FAL. Anything past that is getting a little hairy and should be checked regularly and re-HS'd soon.

YMMV, mebbe some other RKI'can comment.


March 23, 2002, 22:44
deltaten, don't you mean 1.634 as no-go for .308? 1.640 is IIRC field reject for 7.62x51 NATO

monv if your go gage is 1.630 then your LS sizes should be .263= 1.631 + .001 for set back would give you 1.632 for a headspace, a.262 would give HS of 1.633 using above as reference point. a .261 = 1.634 HS using above as reference. measure your LS that came with kit if it measures .261-.263 i personally would use what came with the kit. you should shoot for 1.632-1.634 as a HS. HTH

March 24, 2002, 06:54

Yup!! You are right. I mis-typed the #s. It WAS late, and I just got back from the gunshow. Thanks. :)
MonV....see, I told you someone would come to my rescue! :D