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March 23, 2002, 11:17
I am building a nice STG58 kit onto a FAC Type 1 receiver. Finish was good on the receiver.

What I had to do so far:

I had to hand file the receiver along the bottom rails in the lug area because they indented in towards the luge about 1/16 on each side. (This in-step was not present on two other FAC Type 1 receivers that I have yet to build on. The in-step would bind on the lower and prevent full closure for engagement of the locking plunger.

I need advice on what I have found. There is a stand-off (.034), in all three receivers, just slightly above center and to the left of the barrel on the inside of the receiver, charging handle side. It causes the bolt carrier to stand-off more than it would on an Imbel receiver. The bolt locks onto a .274 LS with "two thumb pressure".

Should I remove some of this stand-off to get a closer fit with the Bolt Carrier to the inside of the receiver "face"?

All the bolt carriers I have, have a slight stand-off (.015) on the charging handle side and the combo of the two stand-offs concern me. Should I be concerned?

Thanks in advance for your $0.02 :D

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May 07, 2002, 15:45

I spoke to Dan Coonan about this and he used this method to properly space the bolt carrier instead of having to mill the whole chamber face. If you look at the front of the bolt carrier you will find a matching area on it (upper right when looking at the forward end of the carrier) which sets the carrier / chamber face spacing. By having a "pad" of the same area they were able to reduce the machining steps to set the carrier / chamber spacing. Again..DON'T remove the pad.

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