View Full Version : Rings & Mount for Rem 700 LA

December 22, 2005, 20:49
Looking for suggestions for a scope mount and set of rings for a Remington 700 Classic rifle. Usually I just get a set of cheap weaver bases (either one or two piece) and inexpensive rings and call it good. Thought for this rifle might get a higher end setup.

Any benefit of getting a Leupold or Millett mount & rings vs. the standard Weaver mounts? Which would you install, a one or two piece mount? Standard or Quick Detachable?

Rifle is (LA/RH), sporter barrel, no iron sights

December 22, 2005, 23:31
I've got a few Remingtons. Model Sevens and 700 BDLs. I like the rings and two piece bases from Leupold with the windage adjustable rear base.

In my opinion they add the least amount of clutter to the rifle.

Some will tell you to use the one piece base for added strength. Baloney I say. If the reciever needed reinforcing a strap across the top would not be the answer and the one piece base gets in the way when top loading your rifle.

I zero a rifle for the cartridge I hunt with so I don't go for the detachable rings.

December 23, 2005, 18:23
I have the Leupold Mark IV 2 piece bace and rings on my 700 Sendero 7mm Mag. and am very happy with them. I just wish Remington would had a more solid mounting structure on the receiver. I've got these double stout base and rings attached to the receiver by tiny screws! :?

December 23, 2005, 18:45
Get on ebay and try to find a set of TPS or Ken Farrel rings and bases. You can sometimes find the Leupold MKIV's there worth the money too.

I dont' care for any type of ring/base unit that allows for windage adjustment. The scope needs to set square with the bore of the rifle, not canted off to the side at either the front or the rear. They are not neccessary with a good scope.

I prefer a one piece mount over a two piece to prevent putting torque in the tube of the scope. Lapping the bottom of the rings also helps to prevent this. Steel, not aluminum, Weaver style bases and rings are as solid as you're gonna get.

The small, 6-48 I think, mounting screws for the 700 series rifles are a problem area. A good gunsmith can re-drill and thread these holes for 8-40 screws without a lot of cost. You'll need to take him the bases for modification at the same time.