View Full Version : Century L1A1 Sporter,, ignorance is bliss?

MM in NM
March 23, 2002, 00:02
Well, a month of 6 weeks ago I decided to "upgrade" the old L1A1 I got from Century, maybe 5 years ago. The old thumbhole stock was just not acceptable anymore.
Well, I found this place and started to learn all I could about these things. Got an FSE HTS set and ironwood furniture. Finally it's starting to come together with a few parts still to be found.
Anyway, way back when I first ordered this gun the first one I got didn't fire at all (now I wonder if the gas plug was turned the wrong way) so I sent it back and got this gun. This one, I thought, shoots fine and I put maybe 60-100 rounds through it. Then I went and test shot it again last weekend, I put a magazine through it but had to manually reset the trigger because I need a new return spring (and plate). I looked at the brass and didn't see anything like cracks or bulged primers. Yesterday my Forster headspace gauges arrived so I pulled the extractor (another first) and found this thing closes easily on a no-go. No resistance at all. Then I closely inspected the bolt face that engauges the locking shoulder. It's chewed up and the locking shoulder doesn't look too good either.
Oh Well,,, time to back up a little, order a new bolt, and then see what it does with this old locking shoulder...
At this rate I'm going to have the Dan's Imbel kit and Tapco G1 kit built before I get this Century L1A1 which was together in the first place safely running

ratas calientes
March 23, 2002, 00:25
Keep us posted.

RC in NM ;)