View Full Version : Laser Rangefinder?

Guy Ellis
December 21, 2005, 15:26
Would like to get a laser rangefinder. I'm considering one of the Bushnell 450's. Does anyone have any experience. to be used for target ranging to 500 yards.

Thanks in advance


December 21, 2005, 15:46
Simple to use. I can not think of anything I dislike about it. Mine will cut out
or start flickering the reading at just over 600 yards.

December 21, 2005, 16:17
I have an older Bushnell. Works fine. Fairly accurate with repeatable readings. Not exactly a new Leica but works just about as well. Like most things in the accuracy enhancing field -- to achieve 10% better results you must spend 100% more.

the gman
December 22, 2005, 00:32
How much do ya wanna spend?? I have an older Bushnell & it worked just fine for me, considering it was a Christmas present from my wife some 7 years ago & the technology has moved on a LOT in the years since.

I now have a set of the Leupold Wind River rangefinder/bino combo's & the big advantage is that instead of having to carry 2 items, I now just have one. Also, I'm generally looking thru the bino's to check out an animal, with one press of the button, I can also find out it's range too. It's difficult to explain just how handy this is until you use it, but it may be something you wish to consider.

My only problem is hunting here in NM, we have way wide open spaces & unfortunately, 8X magnification don't cut it. In addition, the twilight performance isn't tremendous either, not bad, just not enough for me. I am most definitely sold on the concept of the combo, my next purchase will be the Leica 10X50 combo but they are a very steep step up in price.:uhoh:

If you were mainly hunting from a stand or one position & use the RF to lase to prominent objects for a range card, I would have no hesitation in going for a stand alone RF. In scouting & shooting, no question in MY mind that the combo is faster, easier & better. YMMV & hope this helped a little.:angel: