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September 04, 2001, 14:29
I bought some FAL 20rd mags. They had some
type of painted exterior camo finish. Most of it has worn off.Anybody have any suggestions about paint I can use to replace

September 04, 2001, 15:12
you could sandblast and then parkerize them or send them to a refinisher to have it done. Flat black BBQ grill paint might be a simpler alternative. I her it gets a bit toucher if you bake it in the oven after it dries. You can buy "fancier" paint on finishes such as alumahyde or gunkote that you can spray on and bake. Obviously whatever finish you use, make sure you have a clean degreased surface to finish or else you can expect poor results.

BTW many of the at home paint on finishes are available through brownells as is parkerizing solution. You can find a bunch of threads in the archives here if you search for gunkote, parkerizing, etc.

Derby FALs
September 04, 2001, 18:46
Rustoleum BBQ paint is pretty good. Dark gray instead of black. Paint em and after they dry to touch, bake in the grill for a couple of hours. Look good but if you get oil on them they get shiny. I put grease on them after I bake them. Not quite as shiny.

I am trying Alumahyde II in matte black on a mag. It is holding up so so...

September 04, 2001, 21:26
I've used both Brownell's Alumahyde and Baking Lacquer on mags. Both will wear off quickly in the areas where there is tight metal-to-metal contact. However the process is still worthwhile as overall appearance is greatly improved, especially for mags already in rough shape.

September 05, 2001, 14:14
Are you saying the RustOleum is better than the Alumahyde II? Why?

I'm going to need something pretty soon and was leaning towards Alumahyde...


September 05, 2001, 15:30
Dude, Rustoleum flat black is the only finish I use.
Several criteria must be met, one of the most important is ease of application, and the flat is best
The semi-gloss is real close to IMBEL bulletproof, but it runs and bubbles and is hard to get uniform coverage.
Krylon is junk, dries too fast, is brittle, and not durable enough.Cheap paints suck,but they're ok for magazines.
After baking in the sun for three days, Rustoleum cures very hard in about six weeks.
Strip all parts with Wal-Mart's Tech-2000 carb cleaner, ($.78) spray, bake, asemble.
I like to use the semi-gloss on some parts for a cool contrast.

September 05, 2001, 15:30
Try Brownells oven bake teflon moly finish,
a little pricy but will outwear all others.
I use it on AK mags that see rough use and it last. Follow directions exactly.

Derby FALs
September 05, 2001, 21:26
The Alumahyde is OK. Just doesn't hold up as well Ias I think $10 paint should.

September 05, 2001, 22:36
I'm gonna give the Rustoleum a try!
1)How long should I bake for and at what temperature?
2)Anyone have pics of the Flat Black (dark gray) application?

I've tried Brownell's Moly, didn't work, talked to a tech over there -- their customer service is the BEST ANYWHERE --, followed ALL directions (even tips from the tech that aren't on the labels), didn't work, was sent two cans of Bake On Lacquer for FREE, same shit different dayS...just didn't work for me, it would go on beautifully, but once cool and assembled it would peel rather easily on certain parts (slide corners, mag well, etc.)...sent my last job to be professionally parkerized.

Now I have another project on my hands and I just may give the Rustoleum BBQ Flat Black a try. Any tips on this application would be greatly appreciated.


September 06, 2001, 00:46
Did one mag with Gun-Kote to match my rifle and it came out OK. Like everyone said, where you have a metal on metal you will get some wearing. Good luck!

September 06, 2001, 20:49
Okay, here it is.
I used Dupli-Color High Heatw/Ceramic, 1200 degree semi-gloss Engine paint on my TAPCO Inch Mags. Instructions read: Cure @ 400 degrees for 2 hours or 600 degrees for 1 hour 15 min. Here's a picture



They came out VERY good looking.


ps: This is a Before & After Picture.

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September 07, 2001, 09:32
How'd you prep the mags?

Did you blast or sand the leftover patches of paint?

How many coats?

Where did ya buy the paint?

Have you tried them out, how do they hold up with use?


Timber Wolf
September 07, 2001, 20:29
Good questions, I would like to know too.

September 09, 2001, 12:05
It took me a while to get back here. I got the paint from O'Reilly Auto parts. $5.35 per can. To prep the mags all I did was sand over the existing paint (or lack of it) to rough up the surface. One coat and she was done. I've done up 5 Inch type Mags with this and they're holding up Very Well.
This 1200 degree paint contains "Ceramic" in it so it should last a while. The patchy mag is sanded "Before" painting, it went stay out to the shop. PSSS, PSSS, and in the oven for 2 hours. Granted this was an experiment. Since I did these I've also started my L1A1 (barrel & Receiver are in the oven now) I'll post a couple pictures later today.


September 09, 2001, 18:46
Here' the front end before and after pictures.





It's hard to see what it started out looking like but there's a definite improvement.


September 09, 2001, 20:07
Originally posted by Aifwikir:
<STRONG>the oven for 2 hours. Granted this was an experiment. Since I did these I've also started my L1A1 (barrel & Receiver are in the oven now</STRONG>


I did an R1 kit and an L1A1 with that same exact paint (from Advance Auto for $3.99/can), and the stuff works good enough for me. I was after a low budget build anyway. I also did a handful of mags. It's nice and stinky when it's in the oven, so it's best to wait until the wife is asleep or out before starting the home-ec project.

I don't expect it to be as durable as the teflon and other premium coatings, but after it's baked, it seems to enamelize and harden. It is resistant to gasoline, oil, bore solvent, etc. Time will tell volumes on durability.

R1 kit:
L1A1 kit (magazine isn't coated, just dirty ol' park):

See Ya,

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September 10, 2001, 00:21
I took AIF's suggestion and tried the paint route, and I am amazed. The mag was pretty null of finish so I scraped up with 100 grit sandpaper, hanged, sprayed, and then baked. So far so good. Seems pretty durable.

I liked it so much that I taped off late style L1A1 hg and painted them andbaked 'em. Looks like original finish.

Try it!