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November 27, 2005, 20:19
When I was younger, I used a coleman gas lantern to follow blood trails at night. The places I hunt are rather thick, and even with a good heart/lung shot some will run 50-100yds. The blood drops would almost "glow" in the lantern light. Since then I`ve bought a propane lantern. I still have the gas one, but rarely use it.

Luckily, I haven`t had to track one shot late in the evening in quite a few years, prolly about 10. Two weeks ago, I had to help a buddy track one that we eventually found about 50 yds from where he shot it. The bullet took out the heart and both lungs(50 cal muzzleloader, 305gr lead hollow pt sabot)and exited the body leaving a lot of blood at the spot the deer was hit, but not a lot after that. He was hunting next to a thicket, and that`s where the deer went to. It took us about 45 mins to find it. We didn`t take a lantern into the woods with us, we never do, so all we had were Maglights to follow the trail with.

Do the propane lanterns work as well as the old gas ones? Is there a better way? I`ve heard a blue lens on a flashlight works, but don`t know anyone who has actually used one.

Any suggestions?

November 27, 2005, 20:26


November 27, 2005, 20:42
http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/horizontal-item.jsp;jsessionid=IAOAIE32SCCKRTQSNOLSCOOOCJVYQI WE?id=0021240515350a&navAction=push&navCount=4&indexId=cat20158&podId=0021240&catalogCode=XD&parentId=cat20158&parentType=index&rid=&_DARGS=%2Fcabelas%2Fen%2Fcommon%2Fcatalog%2Fitem-link.jhtml_A&_DAV=MainCatcat20075&hasJS=true&_requestid=93211

They really do work. I also used to have a blue LED light that made blood glow, but I lost it and have not bothered to look for another one.

November 27, 2005, 21:12
I've got a blue filter for my Surefire light and it makes blood glow like tritium.
Cost about $30 but it's worth it.


13th Warrior
November 27, 2005, 22:13
Just a note

in the daytime you can use peroxide in a sray bottle for tracking. If you see bubbles on dried leaves its an indication of blood. Think of how it works on us:rolleyes:

November 27, 2005, 23:17
Thanks guys.

I recently bought a cheapie($12) LED flashlight(Garrity brand) for a backup to my MagLite. It came with red & blue filters, but the attachment method is less than stellar. I`m going to go to the local shop and try to find me a set of the MagLite filters(like the one`s I lost many years ago:o ) that slip under the rubber lens cover/protector.