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November 05, 2005, 20:43
This has been on my mind for the past few days and thought it would be a topic to bring up here.
Full head taxidermist stuffed mount vs. old fashioned/ European style bare skull type mount? We're speaking of antlered critters like deer/elk.

I have only had one stuffed/styrofoam/skin mount done of a deer and years later, it looks like crap. I've noticed that many look faded, cracked, otherwise not natural any longer as the years go by. I know that one can have a mount "refreshed" but there again, another added expense.

I now have convinced myself that a bare skull mount will be what I do from here on out if/when I should want to display a kill. Other than the low cost and do-it-yourself appeal, I like the looks of it. Looking at pics of hunting lodges in Germany and throughout Europe, that seems to be the favored means of display.

Anybody alse here do the bare skull mounts rather than skin mounts for asthetic reasons?

November 05, 2005, 21:09
I'd go for the skull mount. Looks more "Old English hunting lodge" and less "Neehaw git'r done, lets put a Party Naked hat and a joint on this here dusty deer head" to me.
But then that's just me.

For a while I was in contact with a local taxidermist trying to get him to mount a squirrel like a bear, with scary, snarling lips on hind legs and ferocious outstretched paws. He took it pretty well, and told me that it'd be around $200.
I backed out of the deal rather quickly, and just saved a possum hand in a jar of alcohol to terrify children with tales of the late night goblin encounter.

November 05, 2005, 22:03

November 05, 2005, 22:03
I have my taxidermist (http://highcountrytaxidermy.com/index.cfm) doing one with the buck I shot with a bow in 1999. I was going to do a shoulder mount but it's similar to the two P&Y I have already, so I didn't waste my money.In my opinion if it's a trophy, one should go the shoulder mount route. Of course if I shoot a bigger one this year it'll probably go on the wall too. If smaller, it's a skull mount.It's a good alternative in my opinion.

He also is doing a fox and a shoulder mount of my biggest buck to date.He should be done with them all next month, I'll post a pics here when they arrive.

Here's pics of the critters in the field before they went to the taxidermist...


`00 Fox


November 06, 2005, 06:36
nice buck...you did great..

i've got several full shoulder mounts of animals i have taken over the years..
my first black bear, a fallow deer, a roe deer, a p&y mule deer, an antelope, and several fish..
i haven't taken a whitetail big enough to get a shoulder mount made from yet, so euro mounts were made..

my first elk taken 2 weeks ago is not a huge trophy, so i am doing a euro mount out of it and putting it on the wall next to my safe in the living room..

to me the first, animals (depending on size) will get the full treatment, then euro's until a larger one is comes along...

full mounts need to be cared for properly, if not then they look like crap..and with all the new forms out, creativity makes em look better than the standard full upright typical look...

btw, i have 22 roe deer euro mounts on one wall in the gun room, 8 whitetail's, and 2 muley's...i ran outta room in the livingroom...

November 06, 2005, 15:34
I would definately prefere the cleaned full cranium with horns/antlers. Plus, if you ever wanted to get rid of them they are worth quite a bit more. A good sized elk skull with antlers runs $400-$600. The mounted variety runs $10 at at a garage sale.