View Full Version : What happened to the AK Files?

November 03, 2005, 16:01
Haven't been able to link to it in the past couple of days.

November 03, 2005, 18:04
See the support and suggestions forum for details. Long story short, I paid months ago to have the domain transfered off the registrar that's currently holding it to another that's here in the USA, well apparently the foreign based registrar didn't allow the transfer and I didn't find this out until a few days ago when the domain expired on their side. This sucks because we're paid up for 5 years with another registrar.. but they don't control the domain because the old registrar denied the transfer for some reason.

Try this: http://www.akfiles.org/forums/

If that doesn't work try:

It will load slow due to the problems, but the site does come up.

November 03, 2005, 18:40
Originally posted by sledgehammer
Haven't been able to link to it in the past couple of days.


What are you doing surfing the 'net?

You're supposed to be building my guns! :love:

November 04, 2005, 01:16
All work and no play makes Randy a dull boy

November 04, 2005, 11:46
Jen your 1st link works but none of the gif files will load. Everything loads fine when I'm on the Falfiles.

November 04, 2005, 18:23
it is giving me some trouble. it wants me to log in even though it has me loged in at the bottom of the page. any one else having trouble?

November 05, 2005, 11:24
the link also brings me into the AKfiles but also ask me to login and doesn't let me get my PM's:?