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October 30, 2005, 23:56
one pic for now, tired, shower time...

the elk and i...

Andy the Aussie
October 31, 2005, 00:06
Congratulations mate.....great looking elk....!!! You look a little "winded" there mate...??? :rofl: :rofl:

Did George deal with his back scrubbing duties as required...??

Glad you had a great trip.


October 31, 2005, 00:29
Nice!!, we want to hear the story of that chase, details.

October 31, 2005, 00:50
Nice bull, splatt...



October 31, 2005, 04:42
Tell us more, that's a great hunt. Second what homeland protector said. :bow:

October 31, 2005, 08:06
DAMN! That thing is huge! Either that or splat is a little tiny guy. I am guessing the former not the latter.


October 31, 2005, 08:27
Nice looking Elk.


October 31, 2005, 08:54
got a headache so i am up early..

here's our story, my side of it anyways..

chip and i have done some preseason scouting in this area and it seemed appealing...

chip and i arrived on friday october 21st, after i had already drove up on thursday and just set the camper in a great looking camp site..2 guys from texas, were already set up with a tent for accomodations, just below our spot.

we had bought license's and some more food stuff in durango, co. and were now beginning the adventure.

this is our home for the next 10 days..

October 31, 2005, 09:09
Nice bull......I don't hunt anything that big....so I gotta ask. (newbie question)

How do you pack them out? Do you quarter them up? I mean...somethin' that heavy has got be be a pain to move around. The deer I can flip over and field dress then drag out. But that big dude has got to be a handful.

Who watches your back? gotta be some other critters out there that can smell
that. Bear? big cat?

Did ya ambush 'em or bugle him in?

Detail, man, details

October 31, 2005, 09:15
so now saturday, the 22nd arrives which is the beginning of colorado's 2nd rifle season..

it finds chip and i getting up at 4am, getting ready and heading down the 4x4 jeep trail to a spot we selected as our assualt on "the hill"

no pics of the jeep trail but it very narrow and close in with the brush...sory..

anyways did we ever make a huge mistake with our selected route..

we could see almost like daylight with the 1/4 moon, and headed straight up instead of driving down to the meadow and walking up the trail and accross the top of "the hill"

the oak brush is sooo thick and "the hill" didn't appear to be as steep when viewed from a distance..

chip ended up losing his s.p. shooting sticks and i my first pair of sunglasses..
it took us twice as long and we were exhausted by the time we ended up pulling ourselves to the top of where we wanted to be..
torn clothing and scratched are an under statement, but we got up there before daylight and got settled in..

chip went further east on the top and i sat right on a narrow spot able to see down both sides..

nothing moved, but around 8am i saw elk on the opposite mountain side moving along the side and heading for a bowl..
chip had heard several bulls bugling and saw the same elk as he had bailed off the other side chasing bugles..
then after a bit we talked on the radios and decided to hook up on top and make a plan..
2 hours later with no radio contact from chip i got real worried something had happened..
his boots tore his feet up and he pulled his boots and took a nap...so all was well...

i kept watchng the bowl and never saw the elk leave, so i wanted to wait em out and snipe one..

we went down the other other side of "the hill" thru the oak brush and down game trails we found in the daylight..

here was our mre lunch spot a bit up the mountain from the bowl on the opposite mountain side..

October 31, 2005, 09:22
here is a view from our side looking east down the valley towards private land with fields where the elk had come from, and were going to hopefully head towards again come evening..

October 31, 2005, 09:24
and staight accross at the mountain where i saw them sidehilling heading west..

October 31, 2005, 09:28
Sounds like y'all had a hoot!

I especially like this pic.

Rifle on bipod, with bolt closed, pointed at head of hunter talking on cell phone.

I gotta get me into the woods soon.

October 31, 2005, 09:40
i have been so used to using a bipod for many years i just couldn't help myself from going with that system. i am really glad i did..

about 4:30 pm or so the bugling started accross the valley, but it was coming from on top of the hill not in the bowl ? not knowing the place real well, i had no idea how they got up there til several days later when we investigated the place further..
there were 3 bulls in the bunch when i saw them in the morning, but at well over 1k yards, i could only watch them, and try to identify the biggest one..

about 5:20 pm i heard rocks sliding down and got chip looking as well as i at the rock slide, (he had gone down lower on the mountain side to cover the valley floor, where while sitting there a huge black bear came out of the thick stuff soaking wet ?? we later found a small waterhole, totally tore up with tracks of elk, deer, and bear...)

but he couldnt see anything from his spot..i saw elk moving down and a nice rack, i got tunnel vision so i have no idea if this was the biggest or the only one, as i only heard this one bugling..

the sun was setting just on top of the mountain and was directly in my eyes..
i had lasered the opposite mountain side when i first set up and 2 different readings came back with 400 yards and 402 yards..it really didn't LOOK that far..

i told chip i could see elk and he came back with let em come down lower as he could see the oak brush from his angle but it looked like an open mountain side from mine..
i came back with no .. they're side hilling heading for the private....
i had to hold my hat with my right hand against my scope and head to shield the sun, and hold the rifle with my middle finger and ring finger which left me with no trigger finger..
i found the bull in the scope, and when he stopped i held the crosshairs right on the top of his back and just behind the shoulder and touch er off with my left hand index finger...i lost everything at the shot, no hat , no sunglasses, couldn't see a thing..

here's the pic of the set up..

October 31, 2005, 09:43
rifle is unloaded, see all the shells in the holder ? not talking on cell phone, studying opposite mountain side...
you should ask questions before assuming, the situation, mr. gun safety man...
and it only appears to be pointing at him, it's actually up hill from his head..

October 31, 2005, 10:01
anyways, back to the story, sorry for the sidetrack, but we have to put up with comments from the unknowing peanut gallery..

chip could hear the elk running now and a load crashing, i couldnt..

packed up my stuff in my pack and headed down, i looked long and hard for landmarks so i would know where to look when we got over there, about 30 to 45 mins later we finally got up to where i took the shot at , and found nothing ??
started moving down the trail and found a very small piece of lung !! yeah, i hit him..
the trail split and took the upper for a few feet to see if he had gone up, chip went straight and hollered about the disturbed dirt, where an elk stummbled.. then he pointed to the tracks heading straight down the mountian... the bull was on a death run..
i bailed over, and found him a bit down the almost straight down hill..
when i first got to him, all i could say is "look at the f'n size of this thing"...several times,,,then i looked at chip and said how we gonna get this thing outta here ??
this is my first bull elk and we estimated his live weight at 700 - 750 lbs...
boy was i happy..

we dressed him out luckily his rear was facing down hill and it wasn't that bad, chip did have to hold the legs open..
he was hit about 6 inches down from his back with a 150 grain barnes triple shock from my 300 wsm, handloaded with 68 grains of imr 4350.. book says 3221 fps, i didnt have time to run em over my chrono..

very little drop if indeed i was holding right at the top of his back when the gun went off.i coulda jerked or ?? right before it went off,,, but it doesn't matter as i got him and double lunged him to boot with a complete pass thru...

more later...gotta get rid of this headache, and do some stuff....

some more pics though ...

October 31, 2005, 10:05
a last one..

October 31, 2005, 10:37
Nice Elk!

Lots of work isn't it?

Didn't you guys get a bear too?


October 31, 2005, 11:26
Originally posted by Stranger
DAMN! That thing is huge! Either that or splat is a little tiny guy. I am guessing the former not the latter.


SPlatts no little man.!!! That is a good sized Elk!

Way to go you guys!!!!

So, where's the gman pics sittin on his bar????:biggrin: :rofl:

October 31, 2005, 15:44
and now for a bit more of the first day..
now it's dark and chip and i only knew at the time one way to get over the mountain and it was the way we went over and down..
4 hours later and more torn clothes and lost items we finally made it back to the truck, looking like we were both in a fight with a mountain lion and lost....
between that god forsaken oak brush, thorns trees and aspen thickets, along with going straight up, it about killed us..
thank god we didn't break a leg or something, let alone get a sharp stick jammed into us as we slid on our sides and butts going down the other side to the truck..
we rolled into camp exhausted, cut, bruised and hungry around 11 pm.......

what a day..
meanwhile the elk laid gutted and propped open on the other side of the mountain, cooling in one piece...

there was a guy named cheno (sp?) camped down in the meadow where the trail led up n over that lived down the mountain and had said the guy who owned the private land on the west was his neighbor..
told us he was an ass and we'd probably have trouble gaining access, there is a power line running down that valley with a jeep trail for the inspectors to drive on..

called info , got his number and called...his name is dale..
told him i had a bull down in skunk creek and if he would allow us to go thru his property to get him...
he said sure, but it'll cost you 100 bucks..!!!
well it's getting late in the day and we didn't have a choice..we met him at his gate...there were 3 guys who rolled up on 4 wheelers, an old white haired guy and dale on one looking like 2 guys outta the hills of tn., with long zz top beards and a clean shaven'd guy...all holding plastic cups with mixed drinks..
hit it off right at the git go... they showed me how to get to their back gate, let me thru and asked if they could go with us.. sure...
when we get to the bottom of the muntain where the elk laid, dale asked if they go up with us,, sure...
now contiplating how to get this huge thing cut into pieces on the steep grade, dale said the easiest way would be to drag it down through the oak brush and trees.
his dad the white haired guy and i grabbed and antler each, dale, steered the hind end, the clean cut guy picked out the way, and chip just followed with his tore up feet...

20 minutes later we had the elk down low enough for dale to get his 4 wheeler high enough to tie the antlers to the back rack and down he went right through the brush and trees..

all this without spilling a drop out of their cups !!!

he dragged it up the road a bit to a high spot, i backed up the truck and all 5 of us loaded it into the bed...
we chatted for a bit and promised them a 1/2 gallon of crown as a tip..they were happy and so were we...

off to bayfield, co. to the meat cutter....dropped of the whole elk and went back up the mountain...

you guys would not believe how big of a blessing this was, got the elk out of the national forest, whole...
it would have killed us to hump quarters out and it most like would have spoiled by the time we were done...probably would have took us 2 days..

now, chips feet were tore up and he didnt hunt for 2 days, way bad blisters on the bottoms from his feet slipping forward and backwards......

here's a not real good view of what "the hill" looks like from the dead elk side looking up...

yep, we went up n over in the dark through all that oak brush with head lights...
don't ever use a free headlight that comes with a badlands pack, they're junk..ask chip how we know...

October 31, 2005, 15:46
here's george arriving in camp on monday afternoon..
ahh, the party is complete...
the 3rd member has arrived...

October 31, 2005, 15:58
we had a great dinner,elk tenderloin from an elk chip shot last year, baked potatoes in the fire coals and corn, the 2 guys from in the tent are from texas and one is contracted to bmi as a singer/ song writer..we had them up for dinner,, the geetar was brought along as well and what a great evening..good food, a few cold ones, some affel corn schnopps, and new friends...all sharing an elk camp in the rocky mountains...


we get up at 4 am, get ready and go over the hill, by way of the cattle trail we didn't know about on saturday...tried to talk george outta all the extra stuff...tried we did..
he soon learned he messed up, as the climb got him breathing out his arse as he put it..
uneventful day...

a view from of the mountain were i killed my elk, from down lower...

October 31, 2005, 16:19
i started feeling bad, like i was pissing razor blades and had a high fever.. i think a bladder infection or a kidney stone was coming out..i started taking antibiotics, i had from last weeks sinus infection and stayed in camp wednesday, chip and george went alone, i was taxi service, as neither of their trucks would have made it...

chip left to go home after the morning hunt for bit to take of some personal things, george and i carshed all afternoon, got up at 3:30pm and wenroad hnting/touring...saw nothing.......

chip came back thursday afternoon and as i was dropping him off i see someone on top of the hill, it was george, turned on the radio and he told us he shot a bear at 1:35 pm, chip went up and they looked for him..
george can tell you all about that,, very funny to hear him talk about how the bear rolled, and jumped, biting at himself like hornets were stinging him...

bear not found, blood trail quit and no way to find him in all that thick stuff...
george also tells of elk and deer he sees.. trees and brush....
oh, he also shot a coyote running away from us while going up n over the trail on tuesday..300 win mag sure does a number on one...

friday, i'm feeling better, i think it was a kidney stone as i had all the pains a few weeks ago, and while taking a wizz, had a stoppage , then pop, something frees up and urine flows freely again..

chip and george go out friday alone again, see nothing but chip hikes all over the mountain back there and destroyed his feet again...

i was now the camp beeatch, cooking for these guys and having camp ready for a nights rest...

saturday. george and i go up to the top of the mountain to look around and see the snow, we had great weather down low, but cold and snowy up high...
as we were returning to camp we met chip,, he was going home...

wished him a safe trip and we went back to camp...
talked to the texans, and they told us about a bear they saw most evenings where they were hunting and decided to go see if we could find him, went for a great walk, saw some deer, but no bear..
we went back to the meadow we walked through on the way in, and sat, overlooking the meadow..hoping to see some elk..

it got dark and as were rounding a bend in the meadow i could see some things standing in the meadow...

WTF is that i ask, since we were talking out loud and smoking on the walk out...
then they moved towards the woodline.....elk....too dark to see heads....

the coyotes were all fired up saturday night and one lone long howl rang out from right about were the end of geore's scope is in this pic...
had our hair standing on ends...

October 31, 2005, 16:27
tried to call him in with my voice but no go..oh well...
got back to camp and got the fire going to cook pork loins on ..we had 4 cheese's mashed potatoes, and corn to go along with..
the coyotes were all fired up near camp too.. got out a predator call, and wailed away..
a few mintues later they were closer and carrying on real bad....
wailed away again..
next we knew they were just down the road...had the owls all hootin and screaming too...
great night...
the wife had come up saturday afternoon with one of the grand kids, and since i had a small game license too..i took him out behind camp to shoot,, critters were everywhere...i had my 22 along and had lots of practice while sitting in camp...

October 31, 2005, 16:31
a pic of our last fire, sure cooked the pork loins perfectly that night..
can't say much for one of the other nights with the potatoes wrapped in foil and one of the bunch saying you couldn't cook em too long,, eh george...nice n black , dehydrated a bit, but still excellent..

Andy the Aussie
October 31, 2005, 21:55
Great stuff mate.....I am wishing winter back here now....!!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

October 31, 2005, 22:06
Originally posted by splattermatic
rifle is unloaded, see all the shells in the holder ? not talking on cell phone, studying opposite mountain side...
you should ask questions before assuming, the situation, mr. gun safety man...
and it only appears to be pointing at him, it's actually up hill from his head..

Fella goes in the woods and loses his cool shades <u>and</u> his funnybone.

Its a <u>joke</u> splat.

Have a cold one and we'll enjoy your reminiscence.

October 31, 2005, 22:21
Congrats Splatt!! Excellent Elk.

Not to get us too far off topic, but was Chip's feet problem due to boot construction or sizing?? I was wondering what brand boots he tried and what type of boots you used as well. Never hurts to have information for later use!!

BTW, to say I am jealous is being nice!!!

October 31, 2005, 22:26
Great job Mark. Too bad the bear couldn't be found though. Would have made George a nice rug.
Maybe next year I'll be ready for such an adventure.

October 31, 2005, 23:14
Didn't know you were around durango, we ski in those parts alot. It's beautiful country. We've had to stop for elk like that blocking the road many times. Great hunt and yeah, I'm jealous too. :beer:

November 01, 2005, 00:53
Originally posted by limeyinaz
You guys are indeed lucky - just to be able to afford the time to take this kind of trip.

Great story and I enjoyed the photos.




November 01, 2005, 06:38
last day out (sunday), heading over "the hill" george wanted to go down off on a game trail he sidehilled down on thursday, just as we started off, i spotted elk at the bottom of the main trail..
stratigy time !
we went down,george went down the jeep trail to set up in a spot where he could see, and i went up to try to push em down..
no luck, i see,hear or smell no elk...??
oh well they gave us the slip..
we go down to the usual spot and pick a different vantage point, on the way up, i spot elk side hilling above us thru the oak brush..
there were 6 elk, one being a legal 4 point bull. he goes behind a pine and never came out ??
then george spots em going over a finger, no shot too much oak brush...
we go up higher and sit taking the quiet , it snowed and rain rained on us a bit, saw a few deer..but no more elk or bear..
oh well, we say goodbye to skunk creek til next year and head back to camp to pack up...

a view going up "the hill" heading out...

November 01, 2005, 06:41
as for the boots, george had danners,2 different pairs, one being brand new, chip had 2 year old danners.. cause of destroyed feet ??, and i had on cabelas leather quest series, which they no longer sell....

here's what's left of a tree from a fire that swept through the area some time ago, when ,, ??

November 01, 2005, 10:09
Great story and pics. Congrats on the elk.

November 01, 2005, 10:52
Splatt, I always thought that was your picture in your avatar. Nice elk! Sounds like you had a great time. MY elk camp isn't nearly as nice and I ate noodles and instant oatmeal all week. And no fire... Temps in the 20's with relative humidity in the 90's. 1 nice elk brought out whole and 2 large muleys. One had to be packed out and i"ve found no way to do it and keep the meat clean. Bringing it out whole is the way to do it. I'm trying to picture ZZ top and gang hauling elk and not spilling their drinks...

November 01, 2005, 11:15
I'm lookin at the size of the Rack:eek: I don't have a doorway big enough:cry:

What you guys are doing would be a "hunt of a life time" for me.

Thanks for sharing with us.:bow:

the gman
November 01, 2005, 13:35
Yeah a good time was had by all, even tho' the failure to find the bear was a major downer for me.:(

I didn't care about the cost of the tag or the trophy, all I wanted to was to ensure that the animal was dead as quickly & as humanely as possible.

In replaying the events, I can only conclude that poor shot placement on my part was the main problem. The rifle shoots well enuff, .300 Win Mag with 180 gr Barnes XXX bullets at a chrono'd 3100 fps were powerful enuff, range was a lasered 159 yds (albeit at an approx angle of 45 deg downhill) & the scope was zeroed perfectly. I'm a good enough shot to hit a coyote on the run at 200yds from a hasty rest so the only thing left is that I didn't put the rounds in the right place for a kill/immobilisng shot.

Why? I have no idea. First shot was (I thought) the ideal shot from above, bear moving slowly directly away from me, no idea I was there, place crosshair just behind shoulder blades, breathe & squeeze. Bear reacts to shot like a buncha yellow jackets just stung the crap outta him, rolling & trying to bite his back to get to the thing that's hurting him. Rolls & thrashes about for about a minute & I think "job done, he's a goner".

Nope, he gets up & starts to move slowly L to R, dragging his R rear foot. I realise I screwed up somehow, move crosshairs to front shoulder & squeeze again. Bear rears up on back legs, spins round like a ballet dancer, falls to ground & rolls over a couple times. Surely, definitely dead this time? Nope.

I grab more ammo out my backpack & reload & see bear moving off R to L & get in behind 2 aspens & a bunch of scrub, WTF??? I move position & try to thread 2 more rounds thru the brush & trees as I'm only interested now in ensuring this animal is dead asap to stop the suffering. Bear moves position from L to R & gives me a better shot. Again, crosshairs on front shoulder & squeeze. Bear rears up in the air & drops on his back, trying to bite his chest & waving paws in the air. I continue to watch & head droops, legs stop moving & I can see a big patch of blood on his chest. Thank fcuk, dead at last!

Gather gear, move off down the mountain straight to the kill site. Drop bergen 25 yds short, move scope to 3x & advance with caution towards bear, heart pounding. Get to where I hit him the last time & NO bear, OK, now WTF???:eek:

Look down & there is blood & what looks like lung/heart all over the place. Think about going into the scrub on my own & then remember that bears, unlike elk, have big frigging teeth & claws & don't care much for humans who try to hurt them..... Given big blood trail that I can see & organs, I figure I'll get hold of Splat to call the ZZ Top guys to allow us to get this bad boy out & give the bear time to finally expire. Plus, I could get someone to cover my back whilst going thru the brush after the bear.

So, as already told, I braved "Cardiac Hill" to radio Splat & Chip came up to give cover. Got back to the start of the blood trail like an hour after the first shot & begin to follow the blood trail. Bear was bleeding copiously & trail was easy to follow to start with, then it starts to dry up, WTF?

Chip & I circle round trying to pick up the trail again but no luck. So, I go back to the start & inspect the blood, etc more closely & realise that the 'heart/lung' was in fact, intestines. Oh bollocks, I did screw up & shot too far back, so the bear is now gut shot not vitals shot, shit!!

Guys, I can't explain why that happened, maybe I was too excited & didn't concentrate enough, maybe I jerked the trigger, I don't know, but I screwed up & now I gotta make it right. So I start re-tracking the blood trail, down on hands & knees, finding small spots here & there, hoping against hope that I will come across better sign soon. Nope.

I try to project the bear's path based on the blood trail & what he would do & conclude he might have headed into the heavy scrub in the valley floor. Over the next two days, I searched about 600 yds worth of the nastiest, most painful scrub I ever had to deal with. I searched up hill, downhill, everywhere I could think of & then some & never found a sign of the bear's eventual resting spot.

I have no doubt that he is dead, just very sad & disappointed that I didn't find him & that I failed to make the required kill shot. My fault, nothing else was to blame & I guess I'll have to live with that but it weighs heavily on my conscience.

Other than that blight on the trip, I had an awesome time, learnt many valuable lessons & got my heart rate to levels it hadn't reached in years due to the friggin' great hills they grow in CO......

Great company, great weather, good times & many good memories.:bigangel:

November 01, 2005, 22:24
here's a last pic or maybe 2 of the side of a mountain we walk past heading down then back up a valley..
on the way back up 4 cow elk and a calf darn near ran us over..
the lead cow was on the trail, wind blowing right at her and she couldn't figure out where we were.. ran up the hill, got the others and ran side hill right at us and crossed the trail under 30 yards from us.. oh, if we only had a cow tag...

sat at the meadow again, nothing ,,had the camper hooked up already and headed home at dark..

thanks guys, i had a great time..
can't wait til next year..

memories to last a lifetime...:beer:

i do think a 30-378 is in my future though, for the real long shots....

and it's okay george we all mess up every now and again..don't beat yourself up too long...

November 02, 2005, 06:54
here's one of the elk with my winchester model 70 laminated classic in 300 wsm.
real big animal....notice the broken point and little "6th" point on the end..
both sides had the little point but they count !

November 03, 2005, 04:12
here's another crappy pic showing where the bullet hit...kinda...

November 04, 2005, 09:40
this should be here in the outdoors forum.

November 05, 2005, 18:48
picked up my meat today..i got about 250 lbs. !!
freezer is stock for the winter..

elk stew cooking in the crock pot as i type....!!!

thanks george and chip , had a great time..can't wait til next year.

oh, we used a chain saw at work this morning to cut off the skull top plate for a euro mount..

screw sawing with a hand saw !!

November 10, 2005, 14:31
Originally posted by splattermatic

oh, we used a chain saw at work this morning to cut off the skull top plate for a euro mount..

screw sawing with a hand saw !!

Gotta agree with ya on the hand sawing.....that be BS when they have all these neat tools around. We use a Sawzall with a long blade. What a great home tool
to have around.

You did this at work.... man, you got it ruff:rolleyes:

November 10, 2005, 15:04
Splat I have cousins real close to where you're hunting there. They keep tryng to get me there to hunt, you might have convinced me to visit them. Very nice elk, they're always alot of work. Great pics!

Right Side Up @ 1000 MPH
November 11, 2005, 01:23
What a great thread. I've been reading it for about ten minutes and just got lost in it. I missed out on my annual Rocky Mountain hunt this year. This helps to make up for it.


November 11, 2005, 04:00
I think I'll stick to rabbit hunting,... packin' that big ass cow over a mountain or two isn't my idea of a good time,...

November 11, 2005, 10:16
Originally posted by Temp
I think I'll stick to rabbit hunting,... packin' that big ass cow over a mountain or two isn't my idea of a good time,...
You need an ATV Temp, elk stew is way better than rabbit stew.

November 11, 2005, 11:44
hey.....somebody has to shoot the wabbits......http://www.nonstick.com/sounds/Elmer_Fudd/ltef_005.wav

November 11, 2005, 13:19
can't get an atv into where we hunted...horse's would work, but walking is better..

come on next year !!

November 21, 2005, 17:16
I only got into areas where cows were legal. But one advantage of living here and having grandaugher in Riverton is I can drop the wife off on a four day trip to Jackson Hole. Jumped three heads at o dark thirty saw feet in the air but no elk when the dust cleared. After three trips got two cows. PS use Rocky boots in terrain like that you young guys what can climp it. I hunted about 14 or 15 days in four trips and used two weeks of leave. Saw elk, deer, moose, a wolf, buffalo, antelope, hungarian partridge, ruff grouse, sage grouse, rabbit and squirrils, eagles hawks and many other small raptors. Mounain scenery, snow, rain, found that goretex works. Sun screen works as do wool shirts, and 338s.

December 04, 2005, 21:26
Nice bull, where'd you bag him? I live north of Durango near Montrose and know that territory very well. Its tough country, especially if it gets a little wet. I bagged mine this year on the Uncompahgre Plateau. WOuld give a picture, but I don't have picture priveleges. Anyone care to post for me?

January 13, 2006, 23:23
"albeit at an approx angle of 45 deg downhill"

My guess would be this explanation. The effects of gravity diminish when shooting angles, up or down.

January 14, 2006, 13:57
i see that this was brought back up..
armed 1, i live just southof the border in aztec...

he came from national forest between bayfiel and pagosa springs..

first notch road..

pro gun one,

huh ?

if your referring to my shot, it was straight across the valley..
or did i miss something somewhere ??

here's what i am offering for the raffle all, as told like it happened..with pics to show the area..and what happened on our trip..

what g man or huntr didnt tell ya'll about was my cooking !! they actually gained weight ! i think i am a pretty good cook myself...

January 14, 2006, 19:20
Splat no, I was referring to the Gmans replaying of events on what happened with the Bear? Pure speculation on my part but shooting up or down can be a bit tricky as far as POA=POI. Enjoyed the read and the pictures, my hats off to you on such a fine offer.

the gman
January 14, 2006, 23:03
Pro gun, I've replayed the events in my mind time after time, it still hurts to think of the animal escaping me. On reflection, I have to think that the first shot which I aimed to hit between the shoulder blades, did in fact hit a bit further back due to the POA/POI thing. I honestly didn't think that at 149 yds it would make that much of a difference, might have to try to re-create that scenario with targets in place to see.....

It may have also been a contributing factor in the follow up shots too, as was my excitement (buck fever & all that) & my inexperience with hunting bears & my Shepherd scope. It was a little confusing with all the aiming marks in there, altho' it's an excellent scope.

When you have plenty of time to range stuff before hand & then take yer time, I don't think the idea can be beat for a hunting scope. But, for quick use, I think it *can* get a little bit confusing.

Many valuable lessons were learnt by me & I'll try to implement them for the future, thanks for your input & not judging me too harshly....:smile:

January 15, 2006, 00:54
No judging on my part, You guys are braver than I. The biggest I've ever hunted is Whitetails. Ain't messin wit no bears here. No sir! :eek: :cry:

January 15, 2006, 16:20
Thats is a great story well written. Enjoyed very much.

August 01, 2006, 22:38
since the fever is building, here's a btt...

sig220, you NEED to call me...

cow tags are going on sale the 8th at 250 bucks.....
the number you need to call is 1- 970- 547 - 0855
we're hunting in unit 751.
it's the colorado dept of g & f.
ask them what you need to do for me to buy you a cow tag..
i am buying one, screw waiting to put horns on a head for 500 plus dollars....
we saw LOTS more cows, so this year i am not head hunting..
but, meat hunting.....

August 01, 2006, 23:33
Originally posted by splattermatic
since the fever is building, here's a btt...

sig220, you NEED to call me...

cow tags are going on sale the 8th at 250 bucks.....
the number you need to call is 1- 970- 547 - 0855
it's the colorado dept of g & f.
ask them what you need to do for me to buy you a cow tag..
i am buying one, screw waiting to put horns on a head for 500 plus dollars....
we saw LOTS more cows, so this year i am not head hunting..
but, meat hunting.....

PM was sent, and will call tomorrow!!! Damn!! Horns are okay, but hard to boil down!!