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October 17, 2005, 19:58
Yesterday's trip to High Island proved a lot of fun. (Dang pic file are so big, I wish I could get a bigger pic in 20 kb,,,DAMMIT !

October 17, 2005, 20:40
Thats a hurkin, whatever it is, fish. You can post bigger pics with a host. Go to www.photobucket.com and upload it. Then copy/paste the [img] style url into your post. Its free.

zack taylor
October 17, 2005, 22:17
Yup, it's a keeper.

Is that a Drum, or what the cajuns call a Gaspergoo?

October 17, 2005, 22:22
That's a good lookin' swimmer!

You're not going to "blacken" it, are you?:eek:

October 17, 2005, 22:42
That there is a surf-runnin Texas redfish in a nice eating size and then some.

October 17, 2005, 22:59
Zack them goo fishes are freshwater. But they are cousins. I've ate many a goo fish when the desired species weren't biting. owl are you going to do the reds on the grill? I like them on the half shell marinated in italian dressing first.

October 18, 2005, 07:29
Filleted, Italian dressing, lemon & herb powder and enough cayenne to know it is there. A few minutes over charcoal & split mesquite.

But that is in the past,,,,,,,,,shore wuz guuuud !

Next weekend we hunt for the next victim. Got my bonus tag for over slot Red in hand ! :biggrin:

October 18, 2005, 07:57
Hey Owl, didja see any more of those alien fish?


Plain George
October 20, 2005, 13:02
da Nerd is drooling down his chin and on to his bib...

October 20, 2005, 16:46

"South Coast Jetty" reads: Texas Refish and Black Tuna are the big catches this past week on the Mustang Island.

October 20, 2005, 22:14
I believe that is a redfish, AKA puppy drum, AKA mudfish. They run the mid Atlantic coast in the spring and can be found in the surf, or up rivers and marshes in brackish water. They're fun to catch as they hit hard.