View Full Version : South Dakota Coyote Hunting in Oct.

High Tower
October 10, 2005, 21:24
My brother was in town and besides a trip to the gun range I thought it would be interesting to try out my new Johnny Stewart coyote calling system that I got. We went to the bloughs above the Missouri river and tryed it out with my 7 year old son. We called in a couple right away but one got spooked without a shot and the other my brother got some shots off with his AR-15 type .223. It was about a 175 yard shot and ended up coming up as misses. We tryed it there for a while longer before moving to another spot about a mile away. We decided on the top of a landslide overlooking a large valley. While I was setting up the speaker my son saw a snake by our feet. I just saw the tail end of a small snake and commented that was either a bullsnake or rattler. We walked back to our shooting spot and was getting organized when my son saw another small snake. This time I trapped it with the butt of a gun and saw that it was a small rattlesnake with only one button. My brother gave me his knife and I cut its head off. While I was doing this my son again said, "look, another snake". This one was only a couple feet from where we were and was coiled. This was another small one and it lost his head too. After that we said, enough. We decided to hit up a small prairie dog town not to far away. We went and shot some dogs up using the .223 and 25-06. We killed a few in dramatic fashion. After we ran out of ammo, we went to check the body count. While walking around the town, I noticed a rattler coiled up not to far from where my brother was walking. We ended up killing that one with my son's .22. We were going to check out some more kills and were walking and my son let out a yell and jumped as a very large rattler was coiled and rattling. He was close to a hole so my brother shot at him with his Cobray .45 long colt Derringer. If you ever shot one of those, you know they kick hard and are not very accurate. He probably would have hit it if he had a .410 shotshell in it. But that one got away down the hole. After that we just said lets get the hell out of here and left.

I should have known better because about this same time last year I was hunting grouse with my older son in this same area and ran into a rattler. I'm just thankful no one got bit. Next time, I will wait until the snow flys to hunt coyote.

October 10, 2005, 21:39
Sounds like an exciting day of hunting. I'm glad nobody got bit. Besides the rattlers, sounds like quality time well spent.

October 10, 2005, 22:29
I'm originally eastern SoDak and dog hunting is about the most fun you can have. Really miss doing that. I've got a few nice "action pics" from my last trip to Rosebud if anyone wants to post them. I lost my hosting site.