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Regal Beagal
October 10, 2005, 14:17
Yep, it's once again that time of year. I have an old logging road that curves around a bit and the deer are crossing down in a bottom, between two heavily brushed areas. I bow hunted it at 20 feet in a great tree but it's just a bit to far back to actually get to see the deer before they cross over the logging road. I was only able to see them when they were in the middle of the road. I'm thinking about getting a pop up deer blind so that I can get a little closer and conceal my location. The 2 blinds I'm looking at are both camoed but one is more like a small tent(circular and low to the ground) and the other one is more like a T-P and a little taller. I'm just wondering if one fits in better with the terrain then the other. Would tall and thin be better than short and wide? If you have any experience with either one of these styles of blinds give me your input. Thanks! RB

October 10, 2005, 14:27
I have looked at these too. There is a set-up for 2 man and 4 man. No way
I'm gonna fit in a 2-man with a bow/arrow so if I was to get one it would be
the 4-man size. Camo with the folage (sp) that is around you.

My biggest draw back is the area I hunt in. Not bad for bow/arrow but when gun season rolls around I get nervous about who is gun range and at that point
you are at ground level and could catch a slug.

Do they make them out of Kevlar? (humor)

I think they would work great.....I might get one yet

I did think about gun season some more.....I could tie a blaze orange marker
to the top of it....it would, at least let them know there is a hunter there and
it shouldn't bother the deer.

Regal Beagal
October 10, 2005, 14:44

Good idea about the blaze orange on top of the blind, especially during gun season. The 2 man tent/dog house blind is great for gun hunting or if you plan on sitting on a bucket but there really isn't enough heighth for standing. The 2 man T-P stand would be tall enough for me to stand but not enough room to draw a bow. The 4 man would give you that room but it's like a big old box and really stands out, at least that's how I look at it even with the camoe and it takes a good bit longer to set up. The other 2 go up in a matter of seconds. What do ya' think? RB

October 10, 2005, 15:49
I've been looking at these too, and again today at Gander Mountain.
What I was looking for was the round hay bale looking blind but it seems that in a year, they have fallen out of favor. The round hay bale is a common sight in these parts and it made sense to stick with something that critters would be accustomed to seeing.

Now, when I looked at the same type of blinds you just mentioned, the two man I "crawled in" today was way too small for me, my rifle, gear, seat, etc. The four man was better but as you mentioned, it's a big ole box and something that big makes me feel that with a slight breeze, it will flap and be noisey.

I also tried out the big plastic barrel blind but everything echoed in it so bad, it spooked me. Also, the $600 price tag was insulting.

My options and ideas that I will be using haven't came to fruition but here they are.
I have several yards of the Mossy Oak Break-Up "leafy" fabric from last years duck blind. I was thinking about just draping it between 2-3 trees for a blind. Much cheaper and lighter to pack in.
Option two was to get it off the ground with a tree stand, of which I'm still debating as well.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with using and modifying an existing tent of the same design that we all have stowed away for camping. Maybe just drape some camo fabric over the set-up tent, attatch the fabric to the tent at 8-10 diferent points with a heavy needle and fishing line, and viola. Cut out a few ports for gazing and shooting, cut the bottom out and there you have it.

And noblaze orange trail tape here and there on the blind wouldn't hurt a thing either.

October 10, 2005, 16:30
Chicken wire and stakes is pretty cheap, decorate as needed.

October 11, 2005, 22:10
at your end of the state, don`t ya need one that looks like black, stagnant water?:tongue:

October 12, 2005, 11:46
I looked at the 4-man, pop-up again. Yeah....it would work for me, there
is timber/brush so it would fit in, OK It is a big rascal, but it set up quick.

I have, for the last few years, sat in a ground blind. All it is, is a bunch of fallen limbs piled in a circle with the center left hollow. Much like the wood post piles
the farmers had stacked around many years ago. I have had deer almost walk
into it with me. The buck I shot was 6 yards away.

I know who is suppose to be hunting near me and I know where they are at.
It's the one I don't know about that bother me. I flash my flashlight about every
10 steps as I go across the open field. I assume they know a deer does not carry a flash light. The blaze orange ribbon on top would make ME feel safer
and I don't think it would alert the deer.

I could set it up ahead of time and let the deer get use to walking around it or seeing it. I feel it would stay there (not get stolen) cause of the area I am in.

I am afraid I might get too comfortable. I have snoozed before. Being in a set up like that might make me miss the chance of life time. Rocking chair will fit in there ,you know:biggrin:

I vote for the 4-man. Camo it with natural vegetation from the surrounding area
add a strip of blaze orange at the top. Forget the rocking chair.

this is the one I was looking at. http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=789277&cp=712508.713110&parentPage=family

Dicks Sporting Goods had a display model set up

October 12, 2005, 12:13
I have a Double Bull Blind that I have been using for several years. I have taken several deer, hogs and turkey with my bow out of it. They are well made and pop-up in sec. Last year here in Central Texas we had lot of rain in a short amount of time and my blind was crushed by a flash flood. I called Double Bull Archery and they replaced the poles for the blind for free. You can't beat that for customer service.

October 12, 2005, 22:05
I have one of the pop-up blinds that is shortish and round, pretty much a glorified tent in camo.

I absolutely hate the thing, I am only 5'7" ish and its too short for me to stand upright in, so I am either stooped over, on my seat or knees.

The tee-pee type might be better as they are taller, I was going to get one of those but I needed room for two of us.