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October 08, 2005, 10:35
While at the coffee shop this morning catching up on the past week's worth of useless gossip, cattle prices, bailer twine sales, tall stories, etc., in came a friend limping along with a broken leg.

Now Stewart or Stew as we call him is the poster child for an old-school Texas deer hunter. Gravel voice, weathered skin, and a "robust" figure among other notable attributes. Now Stew isn't one to brag but he always makes out pretty good no matter what the species of critter he's after. He hunts alone for the most part and safety is something he always preaches to the younger crowd.

Well, Stew didn't listen to his own sermons and took a good fall this past week while setting up a tree stand, resulting in the broken leg already mentioned.

To make a very long story short, his old tree stand was rated for 300 lbs. Stew weighs a good 260 lbs. Himself combined with his pack full of junk, coat, hunting boots, sidearm, pistol belt, rope, ratchet straps, bag full of screw in tree steps, tools, etc. exceeded the weight limit of the aged tree stand seat/foot assembly. The foot rest broke away first as he was strapping it to the tree trunk. As he was grabbing for air, he latched on to the seat assembly, breaking it clean off, thus falling 20 feet to the ground. He would have had a good landing in a thick bed of leaves if it weren't for the broken footrest that was waiting to break his fall. Caught his shin right across the square tubing frame and snap.

Moral to this story: If ya be big, consider the weight rating, age, and condition of your tree stand before you learn to fly.

October 09, 2005, 14:52
i guy at work had a tree stand collapase on him 20ft in the air , came down shattered both ankles had to drag himself 2 miles to his truck ,
no one knew where he was going to be hunting..

several operations later and 7 months out of work . he now hobles around ..
a saftey belt would at least given him a minute to think about his options .

October 10, 2005, 08:04
yeah....I had a built-in tree stand....home made. Beginning of the season I went out to check it,,,you know make sure it was stable. I step on it and
next thing I know I am passing the tree limbs. When I hit I thought I had broke
the ankle......nope I had split the heal bone right down the middle. Doggone ..
that hurts. My father-inlaw and son were with me ...so they helped me out of the timber....about 1/2 mile or so. It would have been a tuff go by myself on my knees. (lots of briers and barbed wire between me and the vehicle.) I use the
screw in tree steps and on my way down my forearm made contact with one of the steps...about a 3" gash to the arm....but my foot hurt so bad I didn't pay much attention to the cut in my arm.

I can't stress enough about being safe in those tree stands......it can be a long
wait if your by yourself and hurt, real bad.

Cell phone could be a life safer in that situation

Farmer from Hell
October 17, 2005, 10:21
As a voly I ran a call about ten years ago. Guy fell out of a stand and had a compound fracture of the lower leg. Great big bear of a guy. Had to bring him out on a 4 wheeler. Very agonizing and painful trip for him. He had to take a chopper flight to the trauma center.