View Full Version : WTF!? Baby Gulf Shores Monster

September 05, 2005, 17:33
Wife and I went to the Bolivar Peninsula this morning. No fish were cooperating, but the beach was laying thick with these baby Loch Ness Monsters ! :eek:

Anyone know what they are ? Maybe evil demons washed ashore from katrina ?

September 05, 2005, 17:34
Close up of this bastage !

September 05, 2005, 17:42
Spooky little bugger. Looks somewhat a Moray Eel but......

Makes you wonder just "what if" if that there critter got to be 10-15 feet long. :eek:

September 05, 2005, 17:42
Looks like it is probably an American eel.

Can't tell from the pic. But, I bet it has a dorsal fin along the topside. Eel fins tend to go flat when they are grounded.

Eels can absorb oxygen through their skin so long as it is moist. This allows them to traverse wetland areas which may not be completely submerged.

September 05, 2005, 18:25
Looks like the things from StarGate.

September 05, 2005, 18:52
crap! does it thing have eyes? it's hard to tell.

September 05, 2005, 18:58
I have seen that face before....but was it the Alien or the Predator??? My gut says Predator!!

Actually, I have been in this area for 30 years.....and have never seen an eel in the local salt waters. But I can't say that is not one, either.

Ya ever see a "horse makarel (sp)", some may call it a "lady finger", first time I caught one, I thought I would never swim again!!!

Plain George
September 05, 2005, 19:35
See if you can find a local biologist. !
Looking at those teeth, I hope their main diet is not TESTICALS.

September 05, 2005, 19:40
Yeah, it HAD eyes. Like ya said Gary, the Dorsal kinda flattened and went away after it dried out more. As did the eyes. It, as dozens of others, were all along the beach. You could see the eyes on the fresher ones. We've been postulating on this, and we noted that there were thre shrimpers operating about 2000 yards offshore. Another friend's son opined that the "eels" looked to be deeper water creatures. So, maybeso the trawls raked these off the depths and they died in the nets, later dumped. In the wash of the surf you could occasionally see smaller ones drifting in.

Saddest thing on the beach today was a 3 foot redfish. Dead. Likely from just before dawn.

September 05, 2005, 20:16
They look like ribbonfish to me. Also called cutlassfish, a darn fine bait for kingfish. There's several families of fish classified as ribbonfish.

September 05, 2005, 20:28
I just Googled Cutlass fish. Alex and I agree that our dried up corpse of an example may well have been just that. Thanx Jerry. Google page sez they get 5 ft long and are eaten everywhere but in the U.S. . Go Figure

September 05, 2005, 22:02
I've seen them eaten here! On the jetty's. Some nice asian people, not sure of exactly what country they were from were getting them and drying them. They offered me some and I tried them, very dry and salty, like fish jerky! Nice people we were catching them in cast nets and using some as bait, gave them the rest. It was a good time!
I've used them offshore for kingfish, they really tear them up!

September 06, 2005, 16:25

The shrimp trawlers catch these things in their nets along with a bunch of other alien-looking critters. When we go out deep sea fishing out of Port A, the captain of our boat will stop the shrimp trawlers out in the middle of the gulf and ask them for by-catch. The deck hand on our boat will throw a line across to the shrimp boat and a large bucket will be hoisted across full of what looks a biology experiment gone bad. After a couple of hours on the deck, that bucket will produce the nastiest smells you can imagine!