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August 16, 2005, 13:42
We were up north at our annual “family camp” this past weekend. All my in-laws show up at “Uncle Jim’s” resident camping association camp ground for a weekend of fishing, food and fun. (Not drinking, it’s a “family Camp")

Uncle Jim hands over two new Zebco 33 Platinum rod/reel combos to me and one of my Brothers-in-law with a few of his prized lures and rather explicit instructions on how to use them and where exactly to go to bring in the big ones. (“…them there’s 20 doller lures. Make sure you bring ‘em back!) Uncle Jim tells my other Brother-in-law to leave his boat at camp and take his own. “That one’s too big! You’ll never get back far enough in there to get to the big ones) Uncle Jim is one of those “salt of the earth” types. The kind you can’t and better not, say no to if you know what I mean.

We get out on the water, me and my two Bros-in-law. I hook up one of Uncle Jim’s secret weapons and get down to it. On the second cast…PLOOP!. The back cover of the reel does a half-gaynor into the lake! Well the two out-laws there just yuck it up big time. I’m in trouble now, Uncle Jim’s gonna skin me instead of the Bass when I get back and all that stuff. You know how goes. I’m enduring all kinds of abuse at the hands on my favorite in-laws for about an hour when…PLOOP! The same thing happens to the other secret weapon. Now there’s one very somber faced brother and one splitting his side open from laughing. Fortunately we all has spare gear and kept fishing.

We get back to camp and explain to Uncle Jim about the “casualties”. The first thing he says is “You didn’t lose them lures did ya?” No the lures are okay but the reels fell apart. I told him I’d either get replacement parts of new reels and everything was cool.

This morning I called customer service at Zebco and explained to whole story to them. The nice lady on the phone said she would put two back covers in the mail today and send them straight to Uncle Jims camp, no charge. I’m going to remember that next time I need a decent reel.

I just thought I’d pass this along. A good company deserve our business. Zebco is a good company!

Plain George
August 17, 2005, 02:22
I have Zebco reals that must be 35+ years old and still work great..
Great products and great company

September 04, 2005, 02:36
Gotta love a company who's abbreviated name stands for Zero Bomb Company.

September 18, 2005, 18:26
My parents have been friends with the owners of Zebco for years.

They are good people.

September 18, 2005, 19:37
Actually, their original name was Zero Hour Bomb Co.. They started out making timers for demo charges etc. The older 33s seem to be a little more stout than the current model. Can't beat 'em though, especially for teaching kids to fish.