View Full Version : Goin' to the Texas coast, what to fish for?

mr fixit
June 19, 2005, 19:13
Well, looks like the family vacation this year will be to Mustang Island State park. Staying in a RV. Wife and youngest son will do the beach thing. The older son and me will try the fishing, but we don't know how.
Never been to the coast, more of a mountain guy myself. Lots of fishing experience, bass, catfish, crappie.
What can we catch in July from the beach, and what equipment do we need to do it?
We'ed love to lock into some giant behemoth, but can that be done from the beach?
I need advice, Help a brother out?

mr fixit
June 19, 2005, 21:26
Forgot to say that the wade fishing thing is out of the question.
I've seen the first 2 of the Jaws movies, and ain't going in there.;)
Really, I live in North Texas, and one of my big fears is sharks. I know it's a little unrealistic, but it's mine.

So, other than putting myself into the food chain.....how do I go about fishing on the coast?

June 20, 2005, 11:07
How far can you sling 1 oz to 12 oz of lure, or bait and terminal tackle ?

If your fishing gear and experience is like what mine was until I moved to the coast, you are in for a treat. Find yourself an Academy Sports and Outdoors store, browse around the fishing gear, ask questions. I saw 14 ft 2 pc surf sticks for $50 last weekend. Spend $50 - $100 on a reel. Buy some rigs, steel leader, weights. With that rig and practice, you can answer the above question with "about 100 yds". Now, 100 yds MIGHT get you onto a Redfish, or a Speckled Trout, or (more likely) a bunch of dadgummed hard head catfish. (don't try to eat the catfish unless it is a Gafftopsail, they have a pronounced,, Looooong dorsal fin-spine)

Wanna just use your bass gear ? Kewl. Go ahead and wade out knee deep or so. It'll be aw-ite. If jaws or a skate pops ys that shallow, you'll be back on the hill before ya bleed out. :wink: Pick up some rubber jig baits. Bass Assassins, etc. The slug looking deals. You'll see the popular colors prominently displayed. I keep chartreuse with red tip tails, a brown with pepper specks, and white with red tips. Use as heavy a jig head as your rod and reel will handle. Again, you'll need a bit of distance. With casting around in the surf, just get the lure in the flat water between the breakers and ya might get lucky. I have.

Can you handle a cast net? Buy a small one. (6 ft dia) Toss it in the surf when you see baitfish showering in the wash. A "finger mullet" or a little croaker drives reds and speck up a wall. You CAN buy a bait bucket and a bubbler, but not necessary. Keep the water changed in a 5 gal bucket on the hill and you'll have enough bait for a while.

No need to get too serious for a short trip, unless ya want to ! Want more details, PM me.

Try this site and the links therein. (http://breakawayusa.com/shop.htm)

Best of luck!

June 20, 2005, 19:59
I too am heading down to the coast from N Texas this summer except we are heading to Matagora bay. I can handle a 10' cast net pretty well (catching shad for fresh water striper fishing). I didn't think about catching bait at the coast. I have bought croakers before for reds, but remember they can be hard to come by and expensive. Any hope of catching any shrimp with a cast net? If so, anybody got any tips?

mr fixit...
When you heading down?

We are looking at the last weekend in June.