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April 07, 2005, 18:28
well, there is only a coupla days left to apply for tage in new mexico this year and huntr and i are having a meeting of minds on which hunts...
so far deer,elk, and antelope, for us and he is putting in for big horn sheep..

member richocet is going to be applying with us for elk, there are only 15 tags available for the unit we want to hunt in, but if we get drawn and shoot anything under a 380 class bull,, we shot too soon..

wish us luck this year, results wont be known til july......

we are doing this on line, quick easy and they only charge the six bucks for the drawning at this time, the tag money wouldn't need be paid when/if we get drawn...
we all go in on one app, so if one gets drawn we all get drawn....

:biggrin: :biggrin: :bigangel:

April 07, 2005, 18:32
How much for the tag and out of state liscense? Any other fees up there to worry about? Fire water for the natives needed? Is this Unit 2B?

April 07, 2005, 18:59
The out of state Bull tag is $775.00 as this is a quality area.
Deer out of state is $310.00, also quality area.

Let's see, I have put in for;

Mule Deer
Elk will be over the counter

New Mexico
Bighorn Sheep

PAAAALLLEEAAASSSEE let me draw some of these tags!!:cry:


April 07, 2005, 19:09
okay i got my 3 tag app's in !!!!


PPPAAAALLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE, let "US" get drawn dear lord...:bigangel:

and as a side note,
if all goes as planned, this november when i make it home to pa., i'll pick up west virginia deer season, and the monday after thanksgiving, pa's. deer season..
thinking of using a fal for wv, semi's are legal and no mag restrictions..

April 07, 2005, 19:28
okay now,
just got off the phone with ricochet, walked him thru the app, and he is in for elk !!

atta boy john, finally after all these years we may soon meet...

okay, now were set, my swamper leon, just left here and he's in for deer and elk..

man i sure hope and pray we get drawn, this is going to be one awesome hunting season this year..

zack taylor
April 10, 2005, 18:41

Did you put in for Oryx? I know it's a long drive for you to get down to the Jornada Range, or the Tularosa Basin, but it is definately worth it.

Just don't use anything less than a .338, cuz if you piss 'em off, they got looooong horns.

It is a once in a lifetime draw, but a 100 percent kill.


April 11, 2005, 06:59
nope, this putting in for tags in the early part of the year got me all messed up..

i forgot til it was too late this year..

oryx, in my wifes opinion, is the best tasting meat she has ever eaten.
we both usually put in for tags, once in a lifetime, and deprivation tags......that way we have 4 chances to draw..

zack taylor
April 11, 2005, 12:51
I got mine back in '95. Sure wish I could get another, but have been unlucky in the depravation drawings.

There's a bull Oryx that hangs out down the road from my Mom's house, I think he's someone's pet, because he's fatter that hell and isn't spooked at all. Just wish I could coerce him into getting into the back of my truck and die of natural causes.:rofl:


May 09, 2005, 12:30
I shore would like ta get in on a Elk hunt next year. Speshully with some of the guys hereon. Fat cow, mind, no poor bull for me, thankee!

Insert, humble, pitiful, teary eyed bastid smiley, HERE


May 11, 2005, 18:07
Well, so far I am 0 for 1! I didn't get my Colorado bear tag. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


zack taylor
May 17, 2005, 02:28

Why are you lookin' at Colorado for bear? There are plenty of ranchers here in NM that would love for you to take one out of their herding area.

Look into the Sacramento hunting areas(area 6, I believe), and even the Mescalero Apache area. Just knowing a couple of the residents of the res. has been great for hunting. I've kilt more bear than Dan'l Boone, this way. Makes great couch covers, but spooks the dog.

If you want something closer to home, the Jicarilla res. has a few bear (gonna be more this year, with all the rain), and even the arroyo's here in town will have a few....................wouldn't shoot one unless it's in your backyard.


May 17, 2005, 02:44
WOW, hunting in other states SUCKS!
A life time hunting license in Idaho costs $386.75
/ lifetime combo hunt & fish costs $1113
A yearly "sportsman's package" is $117.25 & includes deer,elk,turkey,bear, mountain lion tags (antelope add $31.25) & salmon / steelhead permits for fishing

May 17, 2005, 13:54
Originally posted by zack taylor

What's your point? Do you hate to pay to hunt? Do you think you should be able to just go out and kill whatever you want?

I pay my hunting/fishing fees and even the 'wildlife user fees' with no problem.

If you live in a state that "SUCKS" as far as hunting/fishing, I suggest you move. If you're bitching about paying 'out of state' fees, then I suggest you don't hunt in that state. I for one, don't like having 'out of state' hunters polluting my environment. If you're out of state, pay the dues, obey the local laws, and GO HOME.

There is a reason that 'out of state' hunters pay more. Most of y'all don't know how to hunt. You load up your 4X4 with beer, a couple of city rednecks and a half-sighted in rifle, and you go screaming through the woods! What's really fu$^ed up is, you penis-craniums shoot at anything. The last time I went hunting in public land, some freakin' Texan shot at my my friend 'cuz he was takin' a piss. Luckily, Dan's a State Cop, and that Texican will never hunt again.

The past ten years have been totally FU#^$D up by you guys. If there was a bounty of .01 cents on rednecks, I'd be a go-zillion-aire by now.

My advice to you and those like you........................Stay the F&*K home and hunt at Kroger's.


My point is that I can hunt & fish in my own state, for the rest of my life at the same cost you pay for a yearly license, I'm very happy to stay here, I'm not bitching, I'm feeling sorry for you and others like you
................... SUCKS TO BE YOU THOUGH!!!!! PAY THOSE HIGH FEES!!!!!!!
Maybe if you could read better
you may have understood my point without the *remediation

Should I be able to go kill whatever I want?
YES and I do as often as I can.
I may even go out & shoot whistle pigs this afternoon.

Idaho is probably one of the best hunting states in the North West.
And with my lifetime license I could move to another state &
still keep hunting here!

I have my own land to hunt,
As far as out of state / non hunters,
I've had to call Fish & Game in on tresspassers tearing
up my horse trails with ATV's I wish they would stay home too.

*re·me·di·a·tion [ ri mdee áysh’n ]


use of remedial methods:
the use of remedial teaching or therapy to improve skills or health

re·me·di·al [ ri mdee əl ]


1. acting as remedy: acting as a remedy or solution to a particular problem

2. helping to improve skills: designed to help people with learning difficulties to improve their skills or knowledge, or relating to education designed to do this

zack taylor
May 17, 2005, 15:22

Pobrecito!! If it had been anybody else talking about high fees for out of state hunts, I would have agreed with them.

My entire intent was to rabble rouse. Low and behold, the rabble has been roused. How's the blood pressure?


P.S. Don't start PMing me, like you do your buddy, Vince.

May 17, 2005, 15:44
WOW, hunting in other states SUCKS!

And it is only going to get worse, especially in Texas.

Our annual hunting licenses are comparable to what you said the Idaho rates are (the life time is more expensive), but this represents a small portion of the total hunting cost.

Although, I resent (on some level) Zack's generalization of Texans, I do agree that hunting on public land is a scary endeavor especially in Texas. Most of the other states have vast amounts of federal lands or other public lands, whereas, Texas being approximately 97% privately owned, has very little public lands. As a result, we end up with a bunch of people in the "public" woods with guns.

Another contributing factor is the ridiculous cost of leasing rights to hunt private land. It has got to the point where only the rich can afford a hunting lease.

This also why so many Texans seek out of state hunting oportunities. As far as hunting and fishing in Idaho, man you got it made. I just don't think I would have the same employment opportunites in Idaho as I do in Texas.

The lure of jobs brings alot of people from other states to live in Texas and this compounds the issue. My neighbor was from Georgia and the first year he lived here he could not believe the cost of a hunting lease and swore he would never pay that much. He hunted in an East Texas national forest that first year, quickly realized that he would never take his son hunting there. He is contibuting to the rising hunting lease costs by splitting a 300 acre lease 2 1/2 hours from his house with 4 guys paying nearly $1100 each a year.

BTW...We need to start a "sticky" hunting lease information area under this forum...

Right Side Up @ 1000 MPH
May 20, 2005, 23:17
I love living in Texas, but I also love camping, hiking, and deer hunting in the Rocky Mountains. There's plenty of good deer in Texas, but the leases are too expensive for someone like me that doesn't have the time to go every weekend. I just wouldn't get my money's worth. Texas is fishing Heaven though. No reason to leave this state to go fish.

I make a week out of it and go someplace high up in the mountains. Hope I get drawn for Wyoming again this year.

And in my experience, everyone I've run across in Wyoming that was from out of state was friendly, respectful, and courteous, except for Californians. They are consistently the rudest, most arrogant, inconsiderate jackasses I've ever come in contact with ANYWHERE. Present company excluded of course.