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March 20, 2005, 22:49
So, how many here make thier own bait?

How many catch thier own live bait?

How many just buy it?


For catfishing, I have used about every recipe out there over the years but the most consistant item I have found for trotlining is ZOTE pink Mexican barsoap.
Rod and reel baits of choice are chicken livers, live perch, live goldfish, and shad.
I have been known to keep a couple of pails of Danny King punch bait around though.

For bass, I love using crawfish seined from my ponds or large bought minnows.

For crappie, store bought minnows are my favorite.

Of course, I use artificial baits more than anything but I wanted to see how many here "use or create something on hand".

March 20, 2005, 23:52
brains and cheese mix, left in a jar inside a closed up car in the summer sure makes things funky....for catfishing anyways.
crawdads, perch, minnows, nightcrawlers are all good, more fun to get yourself too.

make sure you dont spill any of that brains and cheese mix on yourself though, I saw a guy do some projectile vomiting after gettin sum on him and then inadvertantly getting it on his hand and then wiped his forehead...and then smelled it.
talk about barf-a-rama!!

March 21, 2005, 12:35
Ixnay on the rotten concoctions for whiskerfish. I used to do that, but gave it up. I found out that Catfish like fresh food as well as I do and fresh smells betta!:biggrin:

Chicken liver seems to work better than bovine, but don't stay on the hook too well. All those nimble contraptions to hold bait on the hook confuse me. I do without them. When available, dead shad works wonders for blues, channels and Yellows. (I think the locals around here call yellow cats, Appaloosa)


Shrimp works pretty good from time to time and place to place. Not too regular.

I guess I would fall into the category of a bait catcher as opposed to a purchaser although I will buy finger mullett on my way to Bolivar to get me started.

What I want to know is how to keep those confounded hard head cats away when fishing the surf. My big sets are not bothered too much, but the small ones I set closer in get hammered by those bastiches :redface:

Artificials for Bass, Crappie. Nothing like a topwater strike just after first light to get yer motor runnin'

Da Nerd
March 21, 2005, 19:03
If you are fishing a lake..spend a couple days picking up 'road-kill' and put it in a gunny sack. Drop it in your favorite fishing spot about 3-4 days prior to going fishing....use the worst stinkin bait you can find.. and catch all the catfish in the lake.....:smile:

April 01, 2005, 13:54
I catch all of my bait for river fishing. I use a cast net look for a particular bait fish. It is found in the clear running water with a gravel bottom. I am not for sure what these things are called, but I found this picture on the web


that looks very close to the bait I try to catch. According to the website, it is a Central stoneroller. These things grow to a good size 2-5 inches and stay alive on the hook forever (when hooked through the lips). Everything on the river eats these things from cats, to bass, to stripped-bass. The biggest largemouth bass I have caught on the Brazos was 9lbs and jumped on one of these things. I have caught several stripped bass over 10lbs with them. I prefer these things even to live perch. Shad is the very best, but doesn't keep well and are sometimes difficult to come by.

April 02, 2005, 16:48
i used to trap minnows and catch crawdads in the stream near my parents house.been to busy to do it now so i buy my bait.

Hebrew Battle Rifle
April 02, 2005, 23:21

Bwana John
April 03, 2005, 09:14
Bait? eww ick!!
The closest I get to bait is more like chum, Ill bust open some urchins with my dive knife, then come back 10 minutes later with my speargun.

April 03, 2005, 21:19
I thought corn works well on trouts as well as deers in my neck of the woods:biggrin: How could you live without corn, nature's #1 bait?

April 06, 2005, 21:42
Originally posted by owlcreekok

Chicken liver seems to work better than bovine, but don't stay on the hook too well. All those nimble contraptions to hold bait on the hook confuse me. I do without them.

I have used womens nylon pantyhose cut in squares to hold the liver on a hook. Works REAL good!!