View Full Version : Getting Ready for Spring Turkey Season??

March 17, 2005, 22:24
Turkey populations in Nebraska have exploded the last few years, due to the efforts of many and Mother Nature who has created conditions ideal for their continued expansion. I haven't been able to go out hunting for them the last few years. However, I will once again, be wielding my compound bow this early season, in hopes of tagging a Tom with an arrow. I will then take my trusty 870 and get me one for the turkey fryer I've been planning to break in for a couple years now.

Anybody else turkey hunting this Spring ??

Oh yeah, I'll be looking for those Morrell Mushrooms too !!

Prayin' for some Rain !!:shades:

13th Warrior
March 17, 2005, 23:02
Yes sir buddy!

The weather here in Florida has been screwy and I haven't heard any consistent gobbling yet. What gobblers I have seen are still in a bachelor group.
I'll be there this weekend regardless. We either missed it or it has yet to come, boy would it be nice if we were yet to see the peak of the mating season for once. I wish the GFC would start the season a couple of weeks early. :(

Jon Frum
March 25, 2005, 19:19
The Georgia season starts tomorrow! I will be out there.

April 01, 2005, 14:39
I was sitting on the S. Llano river (north of Junction Texas) fishing on a shoal last week and called in a nice tom. Hey was gobbling from a bluff behind me and I was able make that horny little bastard swoop down to nearly where I was sitting. At the last second he realized I wasn't a turkey and pulled up to land on the opposite side of the river. He was still in shotgun range, but alas I was fishing and didn't have the trusty 870. My best friend was sitting next to me (we were on our way back from the Devil's river), and couldn't believe what he just saw. The S Llano is beautiful, however we didn't catch anything all afternoon but a buzz and a decent sized yellow cat.

April 01, 2005, 16:36
TN Season starts tomorrow and I'll be there too - 870 in hand. My wife has "instructed" me she wants all the turkeys I can get (legally, of course) in the freezer this year.......

April 07, 2005, 18:30
Yes, opening day on April 16 in NE. I've seen three large groups of turkeys so far while scouting.

April 10, 2005, 10:43
Still at it with the bow.....windy conditions have been less than ideal for archerey equipment. I've had plenty of jakes and smaller bearded Toms get with in range but have elected to hold out for a larger bearded gobbler. However, with shotgun season starting on April 16th, I'll probably just let one go on the next best opportunity to fill the tag and the turkey fryer........:wink:

April 13, 2005, 12:04
At Pratt in Middletown, CT we have flocks of them. Saw a flock of about 20 or so, some came up damn near my belt.

Not sure if I'd eat one tho, they had a fuel spill a couple of years ago so they probably taste like JP-8!

phil in indy
April 13, 2005, 18:48
Indiana season always starts the last Wednesday of April. Always take 3 days vacation and spend time in the hills of Southeastern Indiana at Vevay, Switzerland Co.

April 14, 2005, 10:56
Hoping to shoot a nice Tom this weekend.

April 15, 2005, 08:04
How to shoot a turkey

(without a "double bull" blind, decoy, enough camo to hide a division and a necklace of calls)

1. Drive out to cow pasture about 7:32 am

2. Wait for flock of turkeys to sail down out of their roost.

3. Carefully sight Remington 700 Pss in .223 on Gobblers head/neck from 200 yards away. Pull trigger, take bird back to house by 8 am.

The guys on TV make me laugh until I cry. It's freaking ridiculous the lengths they go to to shoot a stinking turkey. An Elk, maybe a Auodad, heck even a deer I would work that hard for but a turkey? No way.

phil in indy
April 15, 2005, 16:25
I guess I can somewhat understand your feelings. Hell in your state that's legal. Here in Indiana that would get you written up for poaching. ($500 replacement fee, court costs, fines, loss of hunting license I believe for a certain amount of time, loss of firearm, and possibly vehicle) Then again shooting them at 3 to 400 yards seems kinda EASY to me. Getting 'em in close, to like 10 yards, is where it gets exciting.