View Full Version : Roadtrip/fossil hunting in Oklahoma today, camping in AR until Sunday

March 11, 2005, 02:41
Goodness, what a long, 9 hour roadtrip/fossil hunting expedition I took my son on today. We hit what seems like every backroad in Southeast Oklahoma, looking for old and new rock quarries, road cuts, outcroppings, fishing holes, etc.

All we came up with was a lighter wallet from the high gas prices, heartburn from a greasy spoon in Tishomingo, soggy feet from a rock pit near Coalgate, and a jar of homemade Applebutter from an Amish store near Wapanuka.

Owlcreekok, we hit Bob's Malt Shop in Stonewall today as well. I swear, the same menu board, barstools, and pool table are still there from 25 years ago. Swapping stories a few weeks back made me homesick, so we criss-crossed your old stomping grounds so I could show my boy where I use to live and go to school. So little has changed about that town. Seems like time was frozen except for "hubcap man's" place (which is only a vacant lot now). I just wished FUBAR wasn't off-limits as I was loaded for a fishing trip too.

Packing up now for a three-day camping trip on the Little Missouri River in Arkansas, starting in the morning and lasting until Sunday. I just hope the weather holds and the fish are biting.

AR Thumper
March 11, 2005, 13:30
Tude',Sure sounds good!I wish I was off this weekend ,You are getting close to my stomping grounds. However The Ouachita river is my ol'Playground! Hope you have a great trip! As for me its Nose to the GRINDSTONE!:( Bummer,Thumper

Da Nerd
March 11, 2005, 21:48
You darn hunters are gonna hunt fossils to extinction if you aint carefull.:D :rolleyes:

March 21, 2005, 12:52
Just found this, Jeff. Been gooning around away from this part of the board to long! Ahhh, ye olde Tishomingo greasy spoon! I stopped in Fittstown a coupla years ago and got a dose of that. Nuff Sed! I wonder who owns the Malt Shop these days? I have not even drove down main the last few trips. I knew Hubcap Horton's place was gone. Lotsa folks were glad of that! When the flood control lake was built on Owl Creek, North of the ranch, my buddy and I found a bunch of fossils in the diggin's. If you have been North of Stonewall about three miles on the road that leaves town on the opposite end of Main from the Malt Shop, you will see two or three water tanks on a hilltop. They are 1/4 mile or so West of the lake I refer to. You can access Owl Creek downstream of the lake on the road that goes from the Owl Creek community East to Lula. We used to find a few fossils and arrowheads while walking up the dry bed from time to time in summer. My bud bought a quarter section from us within walking distance of where the creek crosses the road, so if ya want to make a run up there, send me a note and I'll get ya a parking pass.:wink:

March 21, 2005, 14:47
Hehe. I was told that Bob has owned the Malt Shop for the past 27 years. Not sure but that's what the gal behind the counter told me.

And yes, I just may have to take you up on the invite. We were in Lula looking at one of the old home places during the same trip and meandered through the back roads around there for hours. Man, it brought back memories.

March 21, 2005, 15:12
That'd put the guy having bought the place two years after my leaving there for the Corps. I prolly used to know who built it orginally, as I can just remember when it was brand new.

You ever seen the website, terraservice dot net ? Pretty cool satellite imagery. There's a "black hole" just west of our part of Pontotoc County, IIRC, but the homeplace and that lake on the creek is visible. Also those water towers. It was pretty time consuming to get it panned in on the place. I got it on Stonewall then inched it along till I found the right frame.

Next trip across the Red is likely to be July 4th. Plan to take fireworks for Mom & Dad and some Port 7.62 and Radway Green 5.56 for me and # 1 Son! There's some pond dams needing reverse mining!