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March 10, 2005, 12:29
anyone have a source where i can purchase name tags ... the type used by the military... you know stiched letters on webbing. we have many names to put on packs for our Scouts.
Thanks . Tony

March 10, 2005, 19:08
Call Melinda Ventuleth, Marlboro, N.Y. 845-236-1110. They are a A Hard working Couple who are running this business and have a great list of products. I have used her to outfit my Security and Investigative Staff and can only speak well. Tell her that I refered you. CW Tucker

CATM Larry
March 10, 2005, 19:52
Try these folks as well, large assortment available (just click on the various tabs on the left) and they ship fairly fast. I have used them for the last several years. HTH


1800 Name Tapes (http://www.1800nametape.com/)

March 11, 2005, 05:58
Thanks Fellas, I'll give 'em a try.

March 11, 2005, 09:33
for flight suit tags: mardonco@aol.com

CATM Larry
March 11, 2005, 09:51
Stoney, have you ever dealt with Holicks from College Station, TX? The guys in my shop have had good luck with them with the cloth embroidered pilot type tags. They seem to have a decent selection of badges and various set ups for them. Check them out when you get a chance:
Holick's (http://www.holicks.com)


March 11, 2005, 15:01
I've been ordering from Mardon for over 5 years and happy with them, we buy over 250 per year from them. They look great on a flight suit.

March 12, 2005, 19:47

plug for them, got my order in 3 days