View Full Version : Bug suit, needed?

January 02, 2005, 16:31
Heading for Canada in May, looking for a few good bears, good chance we'll be hanging out with a bunch of black flies.

Word is to get a good bug suit.

Anyone have any opinions or personal experieces to help out here? What makes a good bug suit?

Da Nerd
January 02, 2005, 19:18
Hmm. I've heard of a 'bug-out' bag...:biggrin:

January 02, 2005, 19:34
I worked in the arctic/subarctic and used a ball cap over a French mil surplus headnet-it had a wire facial brim that held it away from your skin, gloves and long sleeved shirts or parka and pants. When it was too hot, I we used so much Vietnam surplus bug repellant that our skin would roll off when we rubbed our arms. While not available back then, there is now a clothing treatment that is supposed to be quite effective...permethrin. I just used it in Africa and think it helped...there just weren't enough bugs out for me to give you a better evaluation. It lasts through numerous washings.
Historically, we also burned tons of mosquito coils and used Shell No Pest strips in our tents and quansets. I'm sure this stuff was not too healthy.
Additionally, some foam ear plugs might help you sleep as the buzzing can get loud...even if they aren't eating you.
When you have swarms on/after you, keeping a person outside with a towel to swat them away before diving through the door will limit the number that come in to your hut/tent...this will really help your interior comfort level.