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September 15, 2001, 08:34
Hi All,

Well, I ordered a pair of the Brit., grade A, nylon handgaurds a while back and I finally received them. WOW! absolutely beautiful. The real kicker is that they are not British but the New Zealand pattern with the extra vent holes on the top of the hand gaurd. Thanks TAPCO! :D

September 15, 2001, 08:44
Are you fitting them to an L1A1 or a metric rifle? Can you post some pixs showing the holes at the top? Thanx. :)

September 15, 2001, 08:46
The real kicker is also that they have two boxes (12x12x12) holding VG to excellent condition Australian 2-piece laminates!

NZ pattern! I saw a couple of mixed NZ UK sets when last there, but the complete ones were unseen.

SO many boxes!

Glad you got a set!

Fire Fighter
September 15, 2001, 08:56
What was the part number? DO they have any left? I couldn't find a listing for those anywhere.


September 15, 2001, 09:12
I ordered the Brit. nylon handguards and an excellent Brit set is what I received. If you want the NZ style, you may need to do the hand picked option.

September 15, 2001, 09:39
I don't think Buddie and Bill knew that they had NZ shells until I pointed it out last week during my visit. The shells were actually mis-matched. They may have now gone scouring the boxes (LOTS of boxes) for 'sets' of the NZ shells. You might call Cynthia or one of the customer service folks and ask for that special help.

September 15, 2001, 10:37
Stargazer: I am working on a Inch rifle I just keep tossing back and forth between a DS mertic receiver or a Enterprise inch. I still do not know. I intend to maximize my US parts count so I can use the handgaurds with a mint British PG and buttstock/buttpad. I also have a Hythe rearsight I will be using. In all, this should be one hell of a rifle when it is done :D

Firefighter: I ordered the handgaurds about 2-3 weeks ago when Buddie first posted his e-sale. I think I was one of the first 4 customers to order. I should have ordered two :( . After my last visit to the TAPCO website I did not see them offered again. I figured they sold out.

I also recently acquired a Brit buttstock with a special mounting on either side of the stock for a specail sling swivel. I got the stock from Brad at GunThings. After receiving the stock I posted a pic of it to a freind in England who is x-military. He said the stock was common issue to Royal Marines for Arctic use so as to have the rifle slung flush with the body during clims/skiing. I asked him to see if he could find the sling swivel apparatus or a picture of its components. If I cant obtain an original I can have my Uncles tool and die shop have a hand at trying to reproduce a set

I am taking my time with this build and I probably will not have it completed until the New Year. I am biding my time and getting the right parts for her (the rifle).

September 15, 2001, 10:44
How nice. None of this is on TAPCO's web page. Not under FAL parts, nor FAL accessories, nor under the e-sale.

September 15, 2001, 11:15

I've used the Entreprise L1A1 receiver, and have Goerge building it. It makes a sweet 'Inch-pattern' look-alike. Like you, I acquired a set of NZ from Robbie in NZ (thanks Robbie!) for a 'unique' look. Now I shall be cloned!

The British arctic kit is pretty cool, and I wish I'd found a set while at Tapco! LUK how the Uncle's project comes out! The Stevens' FAL bible has pics of the arctic kit on pages 171 (Fig 144) of the Army arctic kit and page 172 (Fig 145) of the Royal Marines kit.

Maybe someone can post a Xerox/scan of those figures?

F4GIB- damn backseaters bitch all the time :D

I think they're having trouble discerning that the BZ HG is distinct from other UK Plastics HG. Remember. we're the FAL/L1A1 experts! Give a call, or send an e-mail direct. I'm sure they'll try to sort things out for you.


September 15, 2001, 11:37

Forgive this FAL-aholic :( I have not yet acquired a copy of Stevens' FAL bible. I intend to do so next month. I thank you for the information, I now know where to look!
The funny thing about all this is that I used to be only interested in C&R No.4 Mk.I enfields and Aussie No.I Mk.III's. Now I have two FAL's and am starting on my "commonwealth collection" of FAL's.

One question. My Aussie barrel is not the best (damn Malaysians). I have considered two options:
#1 Use an Arggie chrome lined barrrel with Izzy front sights
#2 Use a DSA badger barrel, without gas block or gas port and ask DSA to index and install a Inch gas block onto it.

What route should I use? I would appreciate your helpful input.

September 15, 2001, 13:16
The Argie barrels can be had w/ high-profile sights mounted IIRC. They used a similar open ear. In addition, you might ask Paul/Brad at gunthings.com if they have an OzTrayLean barrel in G or VG ondition. At least it's be a real Ozzy.

OTOH, perhaps a smith can assemble your original Ozzy gas block to the Argie barrel.

The DSA barrels are excelletn,and a good try if you are especially concerned about wear and accuracy.

IMO- a spare or Argie barrel is the trick.

September 15, 2001, 17:44
You are very welcome for the NZ guard set. :)

Have you considered using a replacement Austrailian barrel from GUNTHINGS.COM to keep it "pure"??
just a thought. :)

September 15, 2001, 22:46
It looks like I will be using an Aussie barrel for the kit after all. An acquaintance of mine supplied me with an Aussie barrel that is in Excellent condition. There seems to be a little wear at the throat, a little less than what my DCM Garand shows. The Garand had a TE (Throat erosion) of 3 and it shoots damn fine! SO, I guess I will have a "pure" Inch. Well, sort of, I am still out on debate as to use and Inch or Metric receiver. :D