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December 10, 2004, 23:41
I'm considering buying a 40 acre property. Located well out of town. Has two corn fields totaling about 15 acres. A wooded strip of land with a creek runs between the two fields and the length of the property. There is a nice 2-3 acre grassy field surrounded by trees that would make a nice building site. The place is loaded with game. Deer, turkeys, and small game. The owner gave me permission to hunt it. Blackpowder rifle season for deer this month. So I did a little scouting. Tons of deer sign. Picked a nice spot out of many. Was in my stand at first light the next morning. Along come two does and they bed down in a bedding area next to the creek bank. Only about 75 yards away. I can't get a clear shot because of all the tree branches. Its very thick along the creek. The doe and yearling finally wander off and nothing else shows. I move the stand over about 50 yards, to a better vantage point, and call it a day.
I'm in the stand the next morning well before first light( about 6:30AM). About 6:40Am I hear a crunch crunch crunch. Ahh, a deer walking out in the frozen cornfield grazing. About 6:50 I can just see a single deer less than 100 yard away pawing at the cornstalks to find the spilled corn. Problem is it is still too dark to see my front sight and there are still branches in my line of sight. Can't tell if it is a buck or doe. I'm thinking buck since it is alone. Wanders out of sight to the other side of the field. I'm sitting there watching and listening to the woods come alive and the sun rising. About 7:30 I see the deer again. It is definately a buck and headed back to my end of the field! I try to sit patiently as he paws and eats. Looks around paws and eats. No hurry just a leisurly breakfast. I'm trying not to shake too much with the cold or adrenalin as I carefully bring my rifle to bear and cock it as quietly as possible. He slowly but surely is walking straight to me! I've paced off 50 yards from the stand out to the field and to the creek for reference points. Distances are harder to judge in a tree stand. He finally stops 25 yards away. But there is a tree trunk between me and him. He is eating away with no clue I had walked right thru where he was standing(I'm real careful with scent and my hunting stuff.) I'm leaning as much as possible against the tree for support since I have to shoot left handed the angle he decided to come in. After what seems like an eternity he lifts his head and takes three more steps. This brings him almost broadside to me in a nice opening in the tree branches. Just before I gently squeeze the trigger while concentrating on the front sight, I'm thinking I'll never forgive myself if I miss at this distance. Even if I'm shooting left handed. BOOM! A .535 patched round ball goes downrange from my TC Hawken percussion cap rifle ( beautiful and accurate with a tang peep site out to 100 yards.) The smoke clears and I've dropped that buck like a bad habit! He barely twitched. Ahh, fresh deer heart in mushroom sauce over egg noodles for lunch. Then marinated and grilled tenderloins for dinner. Did I mention this place is for sale?!?!

Da Nerd
December 12, 2004, 06:17
After that hunt, and it is <B> STILL </B> for Sale?
Pictures,, we want pictures on this forum.....
Give me seller information,, I"ll buy it.....:rolleyes: