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November 22, 2004, 08:29
Opening day here was rain and 50. I set in it for 5 hours ...listening to others
gunfire. I did have two small does go by me. But our gentlemens agreement is
to not shoot does until the last day and only then if you have not shot a buck.
Trying to get the deer herd size back up...it seems to be working. Anyway...
I start back across an open corn field headed to the cabin and I see a very nice
9 point buck (midwest count) his rack was wider than his ears and he was lookin at me then the doe he was after then at me then back to the doe. when
he turned to chase the doe I made a bee line back to the woods. Trying to run and jump corn rows with those heaveyass boots on just about did me in. I stalked for about 20 minutes to get through the woods to him. I got to within
50 yards and I put the red dot behind his shoulder and squeezed one off. He
spun and looked at me and stood there...I let another round go and I see his
rear end drop....he starts after the doe and I shoot again. I reload and start after him. He had stopped to look back at me and I fired two more shots. I could not tell where my rounds were hitting....damn! He hit the edge of the corn field and I lost sight of him. I start walking the edge looking for blood and
I walked right up on him. I had hit his hind quarter dead center with one shot and another shot had hit him in the neck. He weighed in at 190lb. field dressed.
21 inch spread at the widest point.
The other 3 that I hunt with showed up a few minutes later to see what all the gunfire was about. When I told them that I screwed up a easy 50 yard shot
they started questioning what I did to the gun to make it shoot off that far. We
surmised that after sighting the gun in (it was shooting dead on at 50 yards)
I then took the gun home and cleaned the barrel BUT I tightened the screw cap
two more clicks and they think ( and me too) that this torgued the barrel to a different position( Remington 1100) I'll get to the range in a week or so and I'll
test this theory about tightening the cap too much.
The last day of the season the my mother in law showed at the cabin
that my father in law and I have hunted at for over 20 years. She had brought his ashes out and wanted to spread them there. It was an emotional time to say the least. I was in that cabin by myself for the first time without my best friend,
hunting buddy, father in law. Spreading his ashes made it...well...it was a fitting thing to do, I thought.
Anyone have idea if the screw cap could have changed my point of aim on this
shotgun? Seems logical after we thought about it. I just haven't had the chance to test out the theory...but I will.

November 24, 2004, 07:54
Man... this one is tuff to type out.

I went to the range yesterday to test the gun.

I set three targets at 50 yards and fired three rounds at each target.

Results: 3- targets with the center shot out:eek: 3" groups at 50 yards

Reason for making a bad shot on a deer: Operator Error

No excuses!

November 24, 2004, 08:22
We call that "buck fever".

But you overcame it and bagged your deer, Congratulations!!

What ammunition do you use in the 1100?

Where are the pictures?

November 24, 2004, 08:38
Hey there Sig220,

Brenneke 2-3/4

I have pics from a 35 mm camera...now I have to find someone around here to
scan them for me.

It was a nice rack measured 21 in wide at the widest part

That dude was heavy.....190lb. field dressed

Thought I had hunted enough to shake the "buck fever" but.........

The guys here in the shop got a chuckle out of it after I told them about
shooting the bullseye out of the target yesterday....."Buckfever" they said


November 24, 2004, 09:02
That is one to be proud of, for sure.

Midwest count of 9 is the total point of the rack, right?
21 inch spread and the field dress weight for sure makes him a nice one!!

In my part of TX, to find a deer that even weighs that much on the hoof is impossible. Most hunters would probably want to put a saddle on them!!
Used to hunt the bigger deer in N Louisiana, but such a hassle to get back and get out of state tags.

Good deal on the pics as well, you will enjoy them for some time and if you put them up, we will enjoy them as well!!

I guess the one good thing about small deer........they are easy to load on my 4-wheeler!! Man I would hate to think about loading 190 pounds of deer, guess I would have to get inventive!!

Good choice on the Brenneke, very accurate slugs for sure!!

Congratulations Again

November 24, 2004, 11:10
here the dude is

November 24, 2004, 11:31
Holy Smokes Muggzy,

That is a big un!!

One to be proud of for sure!!

November 24, 2004, 11:32
My huntin' dog tried to drag this guy into the yard so I had to put the rope on him. The dogs name is "Muggzy":D