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March 22, 2002, 14:59
I know I 'm suppose to be talking FAL's here so I did mention it :D
I remembered that "Dremel King" was having some ejection problem and I found a site that gives picture and description on how to tune these and some other useful info on 1911's. Don't know how to post this where you can just click on it but here's the address: http://www.blindhogg.com/gunsmithing.html Have a great weekend.
Geez, I did it and did'nt even know I was doing it
Uh, I re-read that and "I remembered that "Dremel King was having some ejection problem..." Nothing personal, there Gary :D It just did'nt come out right, Geez I'm going home

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March 22, 2002, 17:15
Nothing worse than a constipated ejector!