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November 18, 2004, 15:46
I don't get to hunt much here around SE Texas. I have thus far REFUSED to pay $ for land to hunt on. Not that I am critical of the practice, just have not ever done so. Going to SE Oklahoma over the Thanksgiving Holiday. The ranch I grew up on is still ours and nobody hunts it except trespassers. Few of those, thanks to a GREAT tenant who leases the pastureland. No.1 Son and I are going to attempt a Bambi slaughter, some wild turkey gathering, and a few tree rat eradication forays. Failing that, we'll just pickle our ammo load into a pond dam or two. Full after action report to follow.

I know, I know,,,WGAF?,,,,,,,,,,,,,No. 1 Son, THAT'S WHO!


PS. Thanks to Faltitude & Jen for another avenue of fun. Maybe all the flames will be from campfire stories!:confused:

November 18, 2004, 16:56

Sounds like fun. Good luck with the hunt, but if you don't find any good game to shoot, don't shoot a pond dam.... lead will leech into the water and if you have catfish, they will eat (or at least try) just about anything. Suggest u find a nice dead tree to blast :)


November 18, 2004, 17:18
owlcreekok, just noticed the breakdown of your member name and then your posting of SE OK. By any slim chance, is Owl Creek near Centrahoma or is it near Ore? Or both wrong? Just curious as my family had land on an Owl Creek (community also named the same) near Centrahoma but I fish on an Owl Creek just north of the Red River.

Anyway, good luck. All the reports I've been hearing lately are good for SE OK.

November 18, 2004, 19:02
Dam! 'tude! Ya pegged me!!!! Look up Stonewall, OK and trace North about 3 miles. Our spread is right there. I am hard put to look up Centrahoma, but I remember it is durn close to us. The creek named Owlcreek in our community heads right around there and dumps into Buck Creek, which dumps into Muddy Boggy. Likely your Owl Creek is not the same, but ya GOT me!

Small world

November 18, 2004, 19:10
Hehe, I lived in Stonewall for years as a kid at the Indian Reservation/housing across from the school. Do you know of a killer fishing hole, now private ranch called FUBAR just about 3 miles from Stonewall?

Yeah, small world indeed. I have lived all over that area including Tupelo and Ada and still have several family members there.

November 18, 2004, 19:15
HOLY CRAP DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck are the chances? I pulled more Bass and Bream outta the FUBAR lake than you can imagine. All forays from the conveyance of my OTASCO 20" banana seat bike. I never knew what FUBAR REALLY meant till I was grown!!! This is incredible! You gotta email me, 'tude!


This is spooky!

November 18, 2004, 19:37
Email sent.

December 09, 2004, 12:49
Went through Stonewall more than a few times as a kid. Dad was from Redden, between Stringtown and Daisy, and is buried there. Had relatives scattered through the area, mostly all died off now, or moved.

Dad went deer hunting down in that area, nearly every year, for 50 years, until he got too old to walk the mountains, in his 70's.

Spent a lot of time camping on McGee Creek area, before Lake was there.

Other side of the county, but like I said, been through there.

December 09, 2004, 13:31
My Dad used to hunt those mountains too. I have a rack he harvested out of there on the wall behind me. Nine points, very nice spread. He prolly shot it in the early 60's. It is the only rack I own. Never had much appetite for horns. My boys saw deer three days in a row while up there this past T-giving. Three in one bunch about 500 yds out. Five in another about 200 yds out. Both on the run. They sat in cover and had a doe within 100yds. Only one had a rifle. (the No 4 Enfield) In my opinion, the only reason he (16 yrs old) didn't make meat was that he is not quite ready to kill Bambi ! Birds, squirrels and such, he's okay with. I let him have his "space", he'll figger it out. He shoots 6" groups at 100yds, kneeling, with standard Enfield battle sights. Has a ball doing it. Good enuff fer me. His younger brother got dialed in on ducks this trip. I had to take his No. 4 shot away from him! After dressing four quackers with him, and nobody liking the meat it was time to choose other game. (Little SH^& was low crawlin over the pond dam, dustin' them @ 10 yds and plowing into the water for the floppin' ducks before they could escape to die out of reach. Vicious little turd :love: )

Work sux today, thanks for the bump to the thread so I could have a few moments of delightful reflection.


December 09, 2004, 14:37
Originally posted by owlcreekok
...wild turkey gathering

Sadly, the only plentiful wild turkey available in my neck of OK comes in a bottle from the liquor store.

Para Driver
December 29, 2004, 22:30
had 10 turkeys run right under the deer feeder on opening primitive day about two years ago.. near Antlers, OK...

January 02, 2005, 04:28
To update the Turkey flock,,,,,, the birds got scarce for awhile. Talked on the phone to the fellas leasing the ranch. They put out some "game feed" as they call it and the turkeys are back. They counted 31 a few mornings back. They / we agreed to let them alone till APril / May. Then thin 'em out a bit.

Been a long time since I went through Antlers. Pretty part of Okla. IMO!

January 02, 2005, 07:36
I love SE Oklahoma; nothing but short mountains and thick woods. But,....I'd damn sure keep a 20 rounder handy at all times down there.

January 02, 2005, 09:16
My fathers family is from down in that area--Antlers, Rataan(sp), and that area. This summer I am starting some family tree research and hopefully get to spend a lot of time down there.

BTW, has anyone ever fished Ozzy Cobb lake there?