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Odd Gibbs Shooter
April 23, 2002, 22:44
I picked up a nice little target rifle today in 6.5mm/06 .
Atop this is a nice old Bausch & Lomb 6-24 target scope. Adjustable objective, has a large spring on it. The numbers on the scope are BALvar 24 then 5130 MG . Is this old scope worth anything? Its like new..


April 24, 2002, 07:33
Tim,without seeing it ,sounds like a 50's-60's vintage with the spring,which alows the scope to travel slightly with the recoil.I have a Unertl 15x Ultra varminter on a 25-06 that looks just like what you are discribing.I been told that mine is in the $500-$700 range based on condition.Talk to Gary@817-346-9633,he knows alot about older scopes.Sounds nice :D

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April 24, 2002, 08:43
B&L made those scopes up into the early to mid 70's. They are good scopes if you need a Unertl style scope. I have one on my H&R M12 target rifle.
Price wise, I typically see them go for $350 for the somewhat rougher ones to a top of about $500 for the nice ones. In my opinion they are nicer than the Unertl 2", but they don't bring as much money when selling them as the 2".
If you think you'll have any need for it in the future, keep it. It won't get any cheaper.