View Full Version : Ident/Argentina: argie heavy barrel f.a.p. (falo)

October 04, 2004, 15:23
greetings once again, fellow FAL. freeks........this time we have a question

directed towards all you argie fans out there.

has anyone ever come across a factory built argie FAP. (FALO) with

low sights ?? we know that dgfm. produced low sight weapons for a

good ten years, before the import ban. so it would have been a

natural for them to have switched over to low sights for the FAP. as well.

i have a first run armscorp argie FAP. with the high sights, and what

appears to be all new parts- including the barrel. just wondering ??

and while we're at it, lets find out if they ever brought in any of

those same weapons with wood butts stocks and the two piece flip up

butt plates . all i've ever seen were the plasti-butt variety. as an

aside, when jack and cindy brought in the first of the argie "rebuilds";

they got a large quantity of used wood FAL. butts, none however were

for heavy barreled models. thanks for your input !!

October 07, 2004, 02:40
SN 01x all matching
Type 3
Std sights
Plastic butt
Wood handguard
99% condition

Sorry - not me.