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October 02, 2004, 10:45
Multicam finaly arrived and here are pix of the first few prototypes along with snippets of ASSBAGS/Molsen's commentary - all that I can say is WOOHOO! Surprising color match for both STRIKE coyote and EAGLE MLCS khaki. Pics on a Kifaru are forthcoming. 308 series is on the schedule.



Check out what I just picked up from Eggroll:

From left to right:
EGL MultiCam Haffafug on bib
Eagle Coyote MLCS Canteen Pouch
EGL MultiCam Nalgene/Mag Pouch
EGL MultiCam 6-Packer Mag Pouch
EGL MultiCam Fugly MK1
EGL MultiCam Loppy Dumper
TT Coyote Pistol Mag Pouch
TT Coyote Flashlight Pouch

This set-up will be evaluated at next week's Tactical Response Tac Rifle course. It might be changed slightly before then, but this will be the basic setup.

October 02, 2004, 11:42
I think the mag pouches should be spread across the chest, not layered on top of each other like that.....think AK chest rig and the larger pouches dropped onto a pistol belt. Then you can accomodate a buttpack and canteens.

Move the pistol mags up, make the back as heavy duty as the front, like a girdle.

Dropping into a prone position is going to hurt and you will have to dig yourself a hole to get any lower coz your head and upper torso will be sticking up too high.

The load is too heavily distributed up front and too high with nothing in back. No provisions for a camelbak. You need a pistol belt for reals. Just attach snap straps like the US Army Tactical Vest that ring around the pistol belt. Then you can attach so much more, distributed around your waist, like a pistol or drop leg holster, dump bag, canteens, buttpack and suspenders.

October 02, 2004, 19:03
trolling here -

This is not my setup, nor was its configuration up for merit debate. Everyone will have their particular tastes in configuration.

The 6 pack magazine pouch is actually shallower than the CHICOM AK magazine rig.

This is primarily a PLATE CARRIER, thus by design rides HIGH with the ability to quickly ditch when necessary, adding a pistol belt will negate that ability.

Lets see - too heavily distributed? The carbine courses I have taken thus far have proven that may be uncomfortable, but its the choice I made - With back plates and loaded 4L of water, its MOOT.

No provision for a Camelback? What you DONT see is the Platypus hydro carrier behind this rig, not to mention the 1L nalgene on the rig itself.

The duty belt with the HSGI suspenders and GCODESOC rig is NOT pictured here.

Butt pack NOT needed as a Kifaru EE pack is used. Dump bag? you see the little pouch there on the left side under the 1911 mag pouch? there it IS. no need to take up real estate with a full size dump bag when a foldup pouch will suffice for this role specific rig.

Now if I WANTED to imitate a pack mule then I would go with my SOE FAT force rig with its buttpack, hydrocarrier, 15 mag capacity blah blah.

This was just to show the pattern as several people on FF have asked me in PMs and EMAIL about what I thought of the pattern.


October 05, 2004, 02:16
Do you know who Elijah Wong is? Wish he were still around to give you some pointers on how to put together a decent vest.......rest in peace, brother.


Sword of Laban
October 05, 2004, 15:47
I have a chest rig that used the 1" webbing for straps, I added 2" webbing for the waist strap as the 1" - well, sucked. Also the heavier 2" fastex allows more contortions without popping loose. Using the original 1" webbing from the waist for PALS webbing on the 2" strap.

I like the dropleg pouch idea, that will be a fastex add on some time very soon. Dang I will add fastex to both sides for drop leg accessories. Customizing web gear is satisfying.

October 05, 2004, 17:49

Yes I knew who Elijah was - he and I had several discussions on the points and merits of vest vice chest harness platforms.

Anyhow, I am reading this as some sort of a dig at me, if you have a gripe then communicate it offline and we will not have to waste everyone elses time with it.


October 10, 2004, 20:29
RROTZ, you moron.

Egg is only making the pouches.
the pic is what someone else did with them. That is not him in the pic.

What Egg is showcasing is the material, a new pattern of cordura available to have gear made with.

Your comments do not address ANYTHING that Egg was involved with, and bringing up our old brother and suggesting he could ". . . give you some pointers on how to put together a decent vest"?

WTF is that all about?

Why don't you just stop posting on this thread, you are acting like a rabid imbicile.

October 10, 2004, 23:02
Originally posted by BroncoMafia

Why don't you just stop posting on this thread, you are acting like a rabid imbicile.

I wonder if he's heard that before???? :tongue: :tongue:

Reverend +P+
October 12, 2004, 20:07
"WTF is that all about?"


October 12, 2004, 23:29

Elijah, from whom I took over Assaultvest.com before he was KIA, and I discussed a lot about gear. He was basically an assault vest person, though he did have several chest rigs, most notably an High Speed Gear Denali. Man, did Eli have that thing loaded down!!

Gear, like cars, guns and women, is personal and, thus, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I hate chest harnesses, but I like looking at them. I prefer wearing assault vests.

FWIW, Eli didn't make the vests he sold...he imported them, as I do now. Granted, Eli wore them while in the IDF Golani Brigade, so he had actual battle time in them, unlike me.

Egg makes gear, but rarely models it. If' you've seen him, you'd know why. :biggrin:

Sorry, Egg...couldn't resist.

"and his Ghe-TO booty"