View Full Version : Best carrier for 9mm SMG stick mags?

September 22, 2004, 23:38
Now that the ban is over and I anticipate truckloads of cheap mags to come my way, what do I carry all those Sten/Suomi/Uzi 9mm mags in? Don't even have a gun to put them in yet, but I can't resist sub $10 high cap mags. :) Sub $5 mags are even better!

Thinking of a mag bra type setup. Does anybody make such a beast? Most of the ones I see are setup for rifle mags, not SMG mags.

September 23, 2004, 07:45
The ONLY chest pouch that I know of for SMG mags is a repro STEn mag pouch that holds seven mags vertically. I do not know who makes it or sells it. I only remember seeng an ad for it at ~$40 IIRC.

STEn, Suomi, and Uzi mags are all different lengths. STEn 32rd mags are the longest at 9.5". Suomi (Swedish K) 36rd mags are next at 8.75". And the Uzi 32rd mags are shortest at 8". Uzi 35rd mags are only 6.75" long.

Six 25rd Uzi mags fit nicely in the standard US M16 30rd mag pouch.
The 32rd Uzi mags are best used in Canadian C1 SMG mag pouches or the HK MP5 3-cell pouch. Czech vz24 mag pouches (Centerfire Systems) also work well.
Suomi mags fit nicely in any STEn pouch, Swedish leather shoulder pouch, HK 3-cell pouch with an extra hole in the strap, any Sterling pouch, any Thompson 30rd pouch, and some AK47 pouches. Eight fit in an E German AK pouch, but it's a tight fit. Eight fit nicely in a Canadian C2 'bra' or any other FAL 30rd mag pouch at a 2:1 ratio.
STEn mags fit loosely in any M3 .45 SMG pouch, as well as the wide varity of STEn and Sterling SMG pouches. STEn and Sterling mags are identical in length.

Hope this helps.