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Master Blaster
September 13, 2001, 11:30
Who Is Responsible

Not an attack
I want to start out by saying that this post is not an attack on the police, the average American citizen, or the victims of the WTC incident and the incidents mentioned below. Having said that, I offer the following for consideration.

The blame game
There are issues of who is responsible for this tragedy being floated by all the talking heads. Needless to say there is a great deal of responsibility be acknowledged but no one stepping up to the plate to accept it. I want to touch on one small area of this broad based topic. That of why do we fail to react to a circumstance.

Our elected officials, the media, and social elite
We have for to long been led down the primrose path with hollow promises and outright lies, uttered by elected officials, the media and the social elite. The fact that most Americans fail to act aggressively and decisively in these situations should come as no surprise. We have been conditioned to wait for "the authorities" to arrive and protect us. When we do resist, these groups beat us about the head and shoulders with the club of self-righteousness. They tell us how foolish we are for putting up a fight. They threaten us with incarceration when we resist with justifiable force. They promise us a society free of crime and strife. They promise us protection, (If only you will let us put 100,000 more police officers on the streets, you will be safe). They constantly feed us a steady diet of lies and dis-information. I am sick of the public crucifixion, demonization, and lies told by these people, about those of us who choose to prepare and fight back. Those of us who accept responsibility for the protection of our families and ourselves are constantly blasted as kooks, or extremists.

The power of persuasion
Evidence of their powers of persuasion and our belief in what they say along with our reliance on "the authorities" is demonstrated every time there is a mass killing. The World Trade Center, Columbine, Pearle, the list goes on. For me, Killeen Texas and the Lubys massacre come to mind. As the shooter walked from person to person killing his victims, those poor souls just took it. Even when he stopped on several occasions to reload his weapons, no one fought back. These good citizens believed what they were told and were waiting, as promised, for "the authorities" to arrive and end the carnage.

"The Authorities"
The police and fire departments cannot be present before and often during the fact at every crime/emergency scene, it is just impossible! They are in most cases an after the fact response to a crime/emergency. I do however, salute these men and women for their sacrifice and dedication to duty. One need only look at the way these hero's conducted themselves when the first WTC tower was struck to see that they are just that, Hero's. The number of firemen and police officers who lost their lives is testament to their willingness to put self aside. That said, I do not expect that they will ever be present to protect my family or me should the need arise. For this reason I take that responsibility and constantly prepare for the war that constantly rages around each of us.

Our Duty and Responsibility
My heart goes out to those who are thrust into these situations and I do not condemn them but, it must be pointed out that they refused to accept responsibility for their own safety. "I" believe that it is every man and woman's personal duty and responsibility to resist and fight back. I know that the threat of personal injury causes great fear and paralyses people. The fact, that in most cases they will most likely be injured or killed seems to be lost on them as the event unfolds. Fear immobilizes us and prevents us from taking the one opportunity that usually presents itself to end the situation ourselves. This failure to act inevitably seals our fate. I also believe that it is time that we accept responsibility for putting liars and self serving individuals into public office or letting them remain there. That one is an easy fix if we will do our duty, IMHO.

When will we finally wake up
I pray that as a result of these last few days, We Americans will finally wake up and vigorously embrace the idea that "the authorities" cannot now, and never will be able to fully protect us and our loved ones from harm. It is only when we accept that it is our duty and responsibility to provide for the security of family and self that society will really be safe. This can be done but, not by the state. If we expect the state to provide this then we will surely give up our God given freedom and our ability to choose.

Greater love hath no man
In closing I want to acknowledge that there are a number of hero's that have come out of this tragedy. When I think about the policemen, firemen and those folks on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania who fought back, and tried to retake the aircraft I immediately thought of John: 15-13 and was heartened. I couldn't help but think that they had realized the utter hopelessness of the situation, put aside their fear of personal injury, and acted to try to save those that they could. I believe that God has them all in a special place in heaven as we speak! God bless and keep this great nation of ours.

How do we fix it
Let's all be responsible for the fix. We must insist that government serves US not the other way around. We need to tell them that we will not tolerate their failure to be responsive to us. Also that we will hold them accountable for such failure to act and lastly that Our Freedoms and Liberty are not going to sacraficed on the alter of expediency!

Thanks for letting me vent!


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September 13, 2001, 11:58
I am sure that the next time I go to work, I'll be treated as if I am responsible! They are already talking about banning swiss army knives, leatherman, nail clippers, D cell MAG LIGHTS(! :rolleyes: ) etc., even for flight crews........

Geez, they are taking away my primary defenses in the cockpit! First, I would fend them off with the tiny nail file in my mini Swiss Army knife (ostensibly used to trim my nails, but k=now you know the REAL reason I carried it!). If that didn't work, I'd fall to my first backup, my chinese leatherman knockoff (my hotel room fix it tool). I'd try to hold the terroist captive with the menacing pliers, or even worse, the phillips head screwdriver! If that didn't work, I'd reach into my flight bag for the Mag light and blind him to death! If he survived that, my LAST resort would be to grab the crash axe (10 pounds of stainless steel found in every cockpit, btw) and bludgeon him into submission with the pickaxe! :rolleyes:

We are part of the solution, not part of the problem..........

Double G Gunsmithing
September 13, 2001, 12:17
Dear SgtMjr,

Could not agree more.

When we lost conscriptive military service, we lost the "worldlyness" one gets when going oversea's.

The nambi-pambi no dodge ball, everybody is a winner B.S. ain't helped either.

Some of my fellow Martial Arttist's catch flack for the way we train, and what we do.
To brutal, to violent,,,duh ?!

I moved to Oregon 17yrs ago, to get away from the liberal B.S. of the Ann Arbor / Detroit area, it's here now in the "Valley"
big time.

Our police are "regulated" by the ACLU as to when and how to use pepperspray! They can use their bicycles as a "barrier", but not an "impact weapon".

We were both around Jim when the job was to
"jump out of a plane, and shoot them in the face, period" Now it's stress cards, and don't curse at the recruit, but, prepair them for war.

I worked Anti-Terr and Advisor roles for a number of years. We knew that this would come sooner or later my friend. It just took a little later.

When our Embassy was taken in Iran, and 263
Marines were blown up in Lebanon ( I was on site 18hrs later, it was a rough site to see)
that was our "warning order", then & there.

The last Admin gave in, gave shit away, made it "Impossible" to be a Warrior in the Military, and it has taken it's toll now.

Fire the bonesheads in charge, revamp, and take care of business....now !

Now is the time for "Career Managers" to go file paperwork, and the "Do'er's" to come foreward.

My e-mail and phone is been "warm" to say the least.

It has broken my heart to see our Nation turned to shit in 20yrs. I know from when I go to teach at the SOCOM Schools, there are still some kids out there who know whats up, and can square away business.

I just hope, and pray they can be properly lead and supported. Not used up, and tossed aside after it's over like Warrior's have been done in past by our sociaty.

Thank you for letting me "vent" on your thread SgtMjr.

Sincerely, George L. Gouger
Life Member NRA Since 1969 www.doubleggunsmithing.com (http://www.doubleggunsmithing.com)