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April 29, 2002, 19:15
Coworker just picked up a lnib FNFAL 50.00.
Looks great. Are all Belgian FAL's able to take the folding bipod? He picked up an STG bipod and asked me if it will work. I'm not sure- handguards look standard, barrel looks like it can take it. It has a wooden carry handle- don't see this around much. Was the wood handle also standard? The manual with rifle does not show this. See it plenty in the FAL bible though.

L1A1 shooter 1
April 29, 2002, 21:40
bipod cut barrels have 2 sets of cuts.first 1 has a cut down the middle of the top,,2nd 1 is round for the swivel,,handguards must be cut bipod to accept where the*bipod folds up,hope this helps ;)

FAL Hawaii
April 30, 2002, 00:38
If the bi-pod really has to be used... because it really doesn't do much but look cool and doesn't help accuracy all that much if any. Try to check the size of the clamp of the bi-pod compaired to where the sling swivel is. One guy here finessed a bi-pod onto his sling swivel area electing to loose the sling swivel. Only took a little reducing of the bi-pod clamp from what he said.

May 01, 2002, 01:30
Thanks. Not to keen on the bipod myself. Carry handle is sure different looking. Seen dozens of FN/FALs but none with this grip. Combination of wood and metal- no finger grooves, just wood with various cuts at regular intervals. Only photo I can find of similar handle is in the Bible under the India section. Wonder if someone switched it out on him... :confused:

May 01, 2002, 02:58
I am a fan of Bipods. They make prone shooting easier. I don't really care for Bench Resting. So, I tend towards either shooting from a standing position or prone. For standing it doesn't do much. But, for prone it is really nice. Just rest the front end on the Bipod and fire.

The Carry Handle is so-so. Whether or not to have one would depend on setup. I probably wouldn't want one if I am using a scoped FAL as it would only get in the way. But, with open sights it makes for easier carry.

Then again, to each his own.

May 01, 2002, 04:05
i put a STG-58 bipod on my belgium 50:00 no problem.

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