View Full Version : Hakko TAC-1 & TAC-2's are shipping!

Texas Tactical
September 02, 2004, 14:50
See our sale thread at http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=113302&perpage=30&pagenumber=1 for details and updates!

We still have a few scopes from this shipment that are not yet sold! You still have a chance to get one without a long backorder!

September 05, 2004, 15:37
Please let me know if you got my order that I sent thru your website back in July.
I still haven't heard from you one this and would like to know so I don't miss out on the order.

Texas Tactical
September 05, 2004, 18:51
victor3ranger - Your order was received and we have responded via email to your inquiries.

September 07, 2004, 22:44
Please let me know if my order is alright. I am worried about the CC I used.
Email me at

Texas Tactical
September 07, 2004, 23:04
Rudolf - We will be processing invoices tomorrow and will contact you if there are any issues.

September 08, 2004, 10:03
Hey -- This sure is great news. I ordered on off your website in July. Will you be notifying your buyers via e-mail? I'd hate to miss out on this one.

September 27, 2004, 16:42
Just an FYI - I bought a scope (TAC-2) the other day. Great service and cool scope! It may not be an AIM Point but at $115 shipped it is way cool! No, I don't work for Texas Tactical.

Near Sighted Sniper
October 15, 2004, 21:50
Any Tac1's left TT?

Texas Tactical
October 16, 2004, 00:41
Yes! We have about 6 of the TAC-1's left.

October 27, 2004, 21:51
If you still have any TAC-1's I would like one.


Near Sighted Sniper
November 04, 2004, 18:43
PM sent on a Tac1.

Never heard back from you TT,found one locally,sorry.