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August 31, 2004, 20:55
Is there a complete parts break down diagram out there so that I can identify every little piece and screw. I would do you a service if you could help me get what I am looking for.
Robert Custer

Derby FALs
August 31, 2004, 21:10
Go to DSArms and look in the parts section. They don't have one single schematic any more but they have it divided in sections.


September 01, 2004, 18:06
www.e-gunparts.com has schematics for a whole lot of weapons. Cheap too! They'll send it to you in PDF format or mail paper ones to you. :biggrin:

September 02, 2004, 13:59
I did this for a desktop background, but it lists all the parts in the Imbel (and R1) FALs.

You'll be asked for a username and password to view the image

username: fal
password: fal


September 02, 2004, 16:32
Nice! Thanks Jen! Better than the Numrich one. And an Imbel! The Numrich one is a G1. If I can remember correctly. I haven't seen it for a while! :)