View Full Version : HELP! Figured Out Why FAL Wasn't Ejecting. But Can I Fix It Myself?

April 23, 2002, 20:07
Well, last time I posted about my FAL not ejecting I got quite a few good suggestions (thanks guys).

I inspected the bolt and carrier, inspected the bore and chamber, inspected the dust cover, oiled it and cleaned it.

FINALLY I happened to notice that the gas tube had some how come unscrewed from the front site/gas block! Damn I feel stupid!

I've tried screwing the gas tube back in but it starts to tighten up and then feels like it strips out.

So I was wondering if the threads were probably stripped or if I'm not lining up something correctly?

If the threads are stripped, is installing a new gas block or gas tube a fairly easy job?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Seth Livzz
April 23, 2002, 20:56
Your screws being stripped out is pretty common. Sometimes it's due to someone not knowing what they're doing (not you, someone before you) unscrewing the gas tube out without removing the pin first.

Anyway, most likely it's the gas tube's threads that are messed up. Using the appropriate tool, like a gas nut wrench or a brass punch, unscrew the gas plug. Then slide it forward, unscrew if you can the gas tube itself from the front sight block, and then remove the whole assembly from the gun. Replace whatever's stripped out.

The front sight block is pinned on the barel. Removing the pin can be a bear though. Sometimes it's seized and will take quite a bit of persuasion (WD40, heat, patience).

I really doubt it your front sight block though IMO.

April 23, 2002, 21:04
I really doubt that the gas block threads are stripped out. The gas block is solid steel while the gas tube is a light gauge metal or alum. So guess what gives first. Tapco has new gas tubes

April 23, 2002, 21:10
Hey thanks for the help guys.

I can't seem to figure out how to get the gas tube out from the barrel side. The whole gas tube slides up and down, but not enough to get it out of that shroud (for lack of a better word) just ahead of the chamber. Do I also have to unscrew that sleeve/shroud? And what would be the best tool around the house for this trick?

Again thanks.

Seth Livzz
April 23, 2002, 21:16
If the shroud thing you're describing is the gas plug then that is what needs unscrewed from the upper receiver.

Does it have 6 rectangular notches in it? Around the base?

If that's what you're referring to you'll need a light mallet and preferrably a soft brass punch. If you're really carefull you can substitute a good screwdriver. But be carefull and don't pound the heck out of it. Let a little WD40 soak in just in case. Take into account which way it spins out of the receiver too. Place the punch on the right side so that when yout hit it with the mallet it'll spin out counterclockwise. Mine took just one good tap and it spun right out.

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April 23, 2002, 21:30
Thanks Seth, got it all apart. Just one more question if you don't mind.

I noticed that the gas tube has a flat side on the threads, and a side with a half circle out of it on the threads. When screwing a new gas tube on it, is there a paticular way to screw it back in? Or will it seat itself?

Seth Livzz
April 23, 2002, 21:55
Screw it in all the way using only finger pressure, then back it off only enough to push the gas tube retaing pin back in.

If all gas tubes are the same you'll see 2 little holes approx 2 inches from the threaded end, those should face towards the barrel for your pin to slip through.

Hope i wasn't too vague. I'm still building my first G1 and am unclear as to what parts are the same on all the diff types of FALs.

Good luck!

April 24, 2002, 08:14
If the new tube has a flat side and a side with a cutout on the threaded end...make sure the cutout side ends up on the top.

April 24, 2002, 17:59
Anybody got a recomendation as how to make sure that side is up?

Also, I noticed that I don't have the pin for the gas tube. I'm starting to think that the last time I sent it off for somebody to work on it they forgot to replace the roll pin and that's why it came loose to begin with.

I called Enterprise today and talked with their gunsmith and he seemed to think that if it tightened up and bottomed out that that was normal and I just need to replace the pin.

So I went to the hardware store and got a 3/32X1/2 and a 5/64X1/4 pins.

So I'm hoping this will work. Does anybody think I'm on the right track?

April 24, 2002, 20:05
Just a couple of minor points that I've gathered from perusing the files.If your gas tube doesn't thread into the gas block snugly CAREFULLY file down the first tthread or two. That should get you back to some decent threads.Extend notch for pin if needed.
Second minor point is that a piece of coat hanger ( honest )is the perfect "replacement"
pin. HTH. crowbait