View Full Version : Need FAL Bi-pod help please

September 12, 2001, 22:05
I have a DSA-Austrian STG-58 and I removed the bipod for cleaning and inspection. I need help to reinstall it. Could someone please post some pictures or links? Any information would be helpfull.

The Azalin

Sgt Rock
September 13, 2001, 00:02
Hello. Put the top and bottom yoke on the the barrel and install 1 leg screw in the yoke without the leg or castle nut. Now on the other side install the leg assembly and screw into the yoke and tighten. Be sure to observe that there is a left and right leg. So be sure to fold the leg before you tighten the screw completely and confirm that it is the correct leg fot that side of the gun. Now once that leg is installed and the swivel screw is tightened remove the screw from the other side of the yoke and install the other leg assembly. Test that leg as well for proper operation and then you can add the castle nuts to both screws. Needle nose pliers can be very helpful installing the castle nuts by inserting the end of the pliers into the face of the nuts and turning to tighten them. Hope this helps.