View Full Version : USGI jungle hammock ??

August 04, 2004, 11:27
Anyone got the setup booklet or a good pic of the USGI 1966' Jungle hammock with the canopy and insect net ??
Just curious, I dont plan on being in the jungle, but my son is infatuated with setting it up in the yard. For the life of me I cant figure out how this thing is supost to setup, what hold's up the canopy/bug net ??

August 04, 2004, 14:29
All of mine had three loops at the left, right and centerpoint on both ends of the "roof". You just set the lower hammock part up like a regular hammock and then tie the roof up high enough to lift the netting up. I recommend that you make up "stretchers" for both the lower part and the upper roof. Makes it easier to get in and out of. We used thin pieces of wood back then, but I'd use PVC pipe these days. Oh, and try to keep from rolling it over once you are in it. Makes it real hard to find your way out of after dark... Oh yeah, don't forget to tie water guides on the corners to keep dew or rain from running into the hammock.

August 04, 2004, 17:06
OK thank you, that would make sense, but it's not what I seem to have.
I'm think I dont have a "roof", but maybe 2 of the bottom hammock parts and some insect netting ??
Both pieces are just a nylon rectangle with a rope running through a pocket on each end, plus it has some "shoe strings" and plastic toggle type fasteners at each corner and middle. The insect net seem's just like a big piece of 3' wide netting, about 12-14' long.
I've had this so long I dont even remember where it came from. I'll just let the kid play with it the best he can, it will keep him busy for awhile, then I can toss it when he loses interest :)

August 09, 2004, 17:46

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