View Full Version : FAL Shirt update......03/19/02

March 19, 2002, 09:05
Just a note, shirts are ordered and on the way to the printer. I have had the flu since Friday and still retain a bit of it. Anyone who ordered a XXXL in Olive Drab I have a little bit of news. It is no longer offered by any main shirt suppliers. The printer called 4-6 suppliers. Closest we have found is a distresed stone washed green in xxxl. Once I get the shirts back from the printer I will post a pic of that color and let you decide if you want me to send them or give a refund. Your decision. I will post the pic in this thread. As far as all the rest of the shirts everything is fine. Finding these 3Xl Greens cost a few days but shirts are ordered and on the way. I'll post when I get them. Thanks...

March 19, 2002, 09:06
Almost forgot, anyone who hasn't gotten payment in please do, the time for me to pay the printer draweth nigh... :)