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March 16, 2002, 23:27
We will be burying a friend of mine in a couple of days. He has left a wife and a son only two years old. He died of a heart attack at the age of 28. He had went to the emergency room last night with chest pains and the doctors told him it was only anxiety. They sent him home and early today he collapsed and died. If the hospital was of any value he would be alive right now. Last week his family found out that his mother only had a couple of weeks to live after a long fight with cancer. Needless to say this has not been a happy time for alot of us. I really don't know what I am trying to say here. Maybe that we should try to do the things in life that make us and our families the happiest for the time we do have. Maybe a person never knows how good they have it until they see someone that has it worse. Maybe that the things in life that are worth doing should never be put off, a person might not get a second chance. I don't know that anyone will understand anything I write but, I believe a few will.

March 16, 2002, 23:33
i understand and couldn't have said it better, my condolinces

March 16, 2002, 23:38
Well put.

March 17, 2002, 00:24
I buried my Father last month and whole heartedly agree....you seemingly never have enough time to do and say everything you want.
You and your friend are in my prayers....

March 17, 2002, 02:30

I know exactly what you mean! We buried my four month old grand daughter last month. Everthing has changed. The small stuff is unimportant. Family and friends are what's important. Making a difference and standing up for what you believe in can't be put off! Doing and being one's best does matter! Character counts!

Best wishes,


March 17, 2002, 08:02
The number one symptom of heart disease is sudden death. It happens at any age.

Those who live past the death of close relations, who prematurely die, have the experience of realizing that there are important things and unimportant things. Those things which were an aggravation are put into perspective.

The loss changes your life forever.

March 17, 2002, 08:09
You are right about that. I lost a 9 month pregnant wife 8 years ago and it did put a bit of perspective on what is important.

March 17, 2002, 08:47
I lost an Uncle last year. He went to the dentist had some work done; days later got an infection and died.
If any of you are older and are going into the dentist for work ASK the dentist about this danger. The dentist can put you on antibiotics a week or two ahead of time.
Wilt Chamberlin died of a similar thing. It is more common than you think.

Ask before the work.

Master Blaster
March 17, 2002, 09:40
I live with the fact that my father and me had a bitter falling out. The hard part is that there was no reconciliation before he died just a few months later. I understand Completely! :(