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Lone Gunman
August 13, 2001, 18:15
I looked at a couple of STG58A's today and I would like to know what a fair price is for these. The ones I looked at were both being sold for $995.00,the Standard and the Carbine. Does anyone know if DSA will sell one for a lower price to me if I can find a dealer willing to do the paper work. They seem to be very nice rifles but the price is a little more than I want to put into a rifle right now. The dealer I went to says he can't sell them for any less as he has money tied up in them now that they are on the shelves. He also won't order one for me at anything less than his regular price because he has a couple on his shelves.

Any ideas how I can work this out? :confused:

Derby FALs
August 13, 2001, 20:55
See if you can find one here

FFL Guide (http://www.shotgunnews.com/fflguide/)

I found mine here and he charges a flat $10

BTW The rifle should cost $795 plus shipping and the XFER Fee

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Lone Gunman
August 13, 2001, 21:19
Originally posted by Derby FALs:
<STRONG>See if you can find one here

FFL Guide (http://www.shotgunnews.com/fflguide/)

I found mine here and he charges a flat $10

BTW The rifle should cost $795 plus shipping and the XFER Fee

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This guy has it marked up $200.00!!!!!

No way I'm getting it from him,or anything
else anymore. I coulden't find another small
dealer in the dealer search. I'll start looking again tomorrow. I'm getting one of these one way or the other....

I appreciate all the
help from you guys with this.

I'm learning a lot........Fast!!!

August 13, 2001, 21:42
Lone Gunman:

Don't be too hard on your dealer. Marking the rifles at $995 is less than a 20% mark-up. Out of that, he has to buy inventory that sits for a while and may not ever sell, rent or buy a building or shop, pay taxes, licenses, utilities, insurance, pay employees if any and live!

The dealer has taken a chance, he has spent $795 plus shipping for each of these rifles, and there they sit. Who knows how long he will have his money tied up in them.

In exchange for his services, you get to examine the rifles live, in your hands, compare, and make a decision to buy or not. You know what you are getting without spending a cent.

You don't have to buy it from him. You can look around and try to find someone who will order it for you, let you pay for it, be there when it arrives from the shipper, do the federal and state paper work, and give it over to you for whatever you can negotiate.

That is what a market economy is, you look around and make the choice you think is best for you. Just like the dealer did.

It is good advice to cultivate an on-going relationship with a good dealer. I have obtained my out-of-state orders through both large established gunshops that I have bought a lot of other stuff through over the years, and a fellow that deals out of his house. Both have advantages. The guy with the FFL in his house is cheaper, and lives right around the corner, but he isn't home a lot and has no inventory. The shops, on the other hand, have large inventories, stuff I have never seen before, and can get just about anything. If I want or need something right now, they have it, probably. They do laywaways, handy when I am short on cash. We sometimes do trade-ins. They give me a rake-off from their standard transfer fees most of the time. They have even done it for free. I don't expect them to sell me everything at their cost, and don't bargain over every penny I spend, and they do me a solid occasionally. I am treated fairly by them and recommend them to others, who have spend a lot there over the years. We are all happy.

You make your own choice. A well-stocked dealer can be a good friend!

P.S. I love your handle. 'Lone' is my father's and grandfather's last name. I wish I had thought of that!

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August 13, 2001, 22:09
Heck ,
a $200.00 mark-up is'nt too bad at all ! I'd buy one just on the fact you can buy /shoot the same day .
Now my local store , can go to hell if they think I'll pay 900+ tax for a CENTURY !"You DID know these are BANNED RIGHT ? "
They too ,have a DSA for a measly $1600.00+tax . Also a $1000.00 century CETME .
If only they knew I talked to a couple of FAL fondelers outside the store and at the range about parts kits and this board ! ;)

August 13, 2001, 22:34

DSA's "suggested retail" is $1195.00 So $995.00 is NOT abusive or terrible.Yes you can probably find someone (ffl) to handle the transfer at DSA cost ($795.) plus a fee ($15. - $30. is common), but there is much to be said for having a good local vendor who already has a working relationship with manufacturers and suppliers of various products and services - products and services you're likely to need at times. Also a good one, a knowledgable one, can be a wonderful asset. Our local Gun Shop guy is retiring out of the business, and I consider that to be very bad news. He is a resource that will be sorely missed!

So, in cnclusion, don't be to hard on a local guy just trying to make a living. After all, isn't that what each of us is trying to do.

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Lone Gunman
August 13, 2001, 22:45

I know the guy is just trying to make a
living. I guess I just knee jerked when I
saw the dealer price.

Just wish he was willing to come down a
little. :rolleyes:

August 13, 2001, 22:57
I ordered one from them last week.The cool thing is they will put any of their brakes on that you want.If you want synthetic handgaurds,$40.Not the regular $49+ship.You can also get a type 1 without carry handle,type 2s' only come w/carry handle.The gun is $795,rifle or carbine w/brake of your choice.Handgaurds,$40.Shipping $15 in the lower 48.For $850 I'm getting a fullsize type 1 without carry handle, short STG stoll brake and syn h.g.+lifetime warranty.$20 to my ffl and I'm shooting.
Good luck,E.

August 14, 2001, 09:11

Where's that $1195 price listed for DSA's STG58A/C? Their site still lists $995 as the MSRP. So how much does Federal Arms pay for theirs? They've got it listed in their catalog for $795 and it doesn't state it's a dealer price.

August 14, 2001, 09:25
Interesting thing about gun stores. In my area there are no good ones. All hire surly clerks - I amazed any women ever purchase a firearm in one. All charge "high" retail. None has a gunsmith on premises. This has been so for at least 10 years.

There are overpriced jerks at gun shows too (some never appear to actually sell any products) but all you have to do is walk 20 feet. In general, gun show dealers are really interested in guns and love to interest new people in guns. Besides that, they sell at good prices.

Another point. Take a good look at buying used guns. I do that almost exclusively now. It's truly amazing how little use most firearms get. The people you see at the range shooting 100 rounds a week are a tiny percentage of gun owners. Sometimes it's hard to find a 95% gun because of all the 99%'ers getting in the way. Parts kits are a different story, of course. :cool:

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August 14, 2001, 10:31
I understand (second hand, not beign Jewish myself) that the Talmud includes what is known as "The Shopkeeper's Rule." To wit, it is wromg to ask the shopkeeper the price of his wares if you know you aren't going to buy it. The idea is that you don't ask him to expend his time if you know it would be wasting his time.

Seems like a reasonable way to approach this issue.


Farmer from Hell
August 14, 2001, 11:50
Also consider that after you buy the DSA with the $200 mark up he may be willing to do transfers later on other guns for pocket change after you have established yourself as a customer and not a window shopper.

I dont mind seeing people make money I just dont want them to try and make it all in one swoop off me ie the gunshow a$$holes who sell $427 CAI L1A1 sporters for $800.