View Full Version : Need help finding S.A. or Rhodesian web gear

June 19, 2004, 11:34
I remember seeing in a military surplus catalog somewhere a kit that was either South African or Rhodesian. If I remember correctly it was loosely similar to our (US) old H-harness with a highly modified Buttpack. The Buttpack had mag pouches on top and on the sides. The rest of the rig followed around the waist with more pouches and such. It was tan and I believe made out of heavy canvas.

This is not the current Pattern 70 vest based gear you see for sale on Ebay and others. This was an H-harness and web belt based kit.

Iíve dug back through a pile of old catalogs but canít seem to find this rig anywhere. Any help in locating it would be most appreciated.

P.S. even a picture would be good....something:confused:

June 19, 2004, 11:43
try Quack in the market place,he has some sa gear for sale.i have one and love it.day pack works well for range. good luck:)

June 19, 2004, 13:20
Quack's PAT 70 stuff is great! Excellent, new condition gear from an excellent guy!